ZOMEI Travel Portable Tripod
ZOMEI Travel Portable Tripod

-360 degree ball head and rubber feet on legs.Three leg angle postions provide flexibility and enable shooting in cramped quarters or on irregular surface areas.
-4-section legs and center column,adjust height from 14.5in to 61 inch.
-2-in-1 tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degree,save your space on travel way.
-max load weight of this portable camera stand is about 33lb (15 KG) for optimal performance.
-Come with a carrying bag for tripod, easy travel and relaxed photography on the way.

Tripod Features:
Spirit Level indicator(s), 360 degree rotation, Quick Release, With tripod bag
Tripod Head Type: Ball Head
Material: Magnesium Alloy
Storage Height: 45cm
Working Height: 162cm
Monopod Height: 170cm
Tripod Weight: 3.8 lb
Ball Head: 278g
36mm Ball Head Sphere
Diameter Height: 10cm
Maximum Weight: 15Kg
Tripod Leg Section Number: 4 sections
Tube Diameter: 25mm
Package Include:
1* Tripod with Ball Head
1* Carrying Bag for Tripod

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How to Choose Best Travel Tripods – A Practical Guide

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9 Best Travel Tripods: What’s the best tripod? The one you.

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The Only Camera You Need: Sony a6000 Review

A Look at 3 Ultra Lightweight Tripods for Backpacking.

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