Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam - 1080P
Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam - 1080P

Reminder: No memory card, Samsung Evo 32GB card is recommended. If you are using a 64GB card, please format it to FAT32 before use.
To use the rear camera on night, please turn on the light of your car.

1 Body, 2 Lenses
Equipped with dual lens and both have top class F/2.0 6 glasses lens; Front camera with 170° and the rear camera with 140° wide viewing angle, the back camera is 80° up & down rotatable, easy to adjust to the best view point.

Dual HD Recording
1080P Full HD Front camera and 720P HD back camera, plus the HDR presents more details from shadows to highlights, recording your journey of day and night in excellent quality.
Support dual cam recording and only front cam recording.

Superior Night Vision(front)
Superior Night-vision by high class F2.0 six-glass lens and HDR video system, helps capturing minor details not normally seen at night.

2 Parking Modes(front)
Triggered by the Motion Detection, the camera will record when people or things come closer to your car.
Triggered by Time Lapse, the camera will keep taking photos at the set time interval and then auto edit them together to a video clip.

Auto Power On and Record
Auto turns on and record while car engine starts.

Optional GPS module allow you track the driving route and speed. To use gps function, please buy a gps mount(asin: B01JUAV1C6)

Processor: NOVATEK NT96655
Rear Cam Sensor:AR0330 1/3' CMOS
Front Cam Sensor:NT99141 1/4' CMOS
Video: H.264 compression;
Front cam recording: 1920x1080p30 1280x720p30
Dual cam recording: (front)1440x1080p30, (rear)1280x720p30
Image: JPEG; 12M Pixels
Audio: Microphone and Speaker Equipped
External memory: 64GB max, micro sd card of Class 10
USB Port: USB 2.0, Mini
Battery: 250mAh
Operating Temperature: 32 to 158 deg. F.

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They are extremely important, a must have accessory for every vehicle that is driven. Dual Parking Mode with Optional GPS Function : Without any human touch, the dash cam will auto switch to parking mode. It is probably the most critical security feature on your car. You can never tell for sure when some over enthusiastic driver is going to crash into your car and more importantly from what direction.

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It’s currently bordering around the budget / mid-price range bracket, so is a rather affordable dash cam with GPS … Read more Gear Best Link for this Camera: …Discover the best dashboard camera for your car, truck or SUV Discover ratings and reviews on the best selling dashboard camera models. This feature allows for the dash cam to perform better at night or in low light conditions. Nikon D3300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital. It also has a better heat and cold resistance than most other dashboard cameras. Seamless Loop Recording : The camera will start recording once the engine stars A dual dash cam system is the ultimate in terms of safety and security when you are driving. This is because it is a tool for documenting incidents that could pose as a serious threat … Read more. Dual Camera Dash Cams Rear View Mirror Dash Cams Rear View Mirror Dash Cams require some installation but provide the ultimate in convenience and appearance. We recommend staying away from most of the lower priced budget dash cams as they offer inferior video quality compared to more expensive units.   Types Of Dash Cams Dashboard Cameras come in a variety of different types to suit every driver’s needs. Accidents do happen and with them arise the question of insurance claims and counterclaims. The first and the foremost reason for owning a dashcam is to ensure that you have a solid piece of evidence in the event of a car crash or road rage. Instead, we’ll post links to a couple of vendors where you can check the latest offers. Continuing with the series on small, good yet cheap dash cams for your vehicle, we look at the TOGUARD dash cam that offers full HD video recording with gravity sensor, parking monitor and motion detector. Featured Videos Features To Look For When Buying A Dash Cam Here are some of the most important features you need when considering a new dash cam.

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This feature automatically locks and saves the video file when a sudden stop or collision is detected Find out which two-way dash cam offers perfect security for you.To keep it simple, we’ll be listing only the most important characteristics for each camera: Video resolution, overall video quality, reliability, memory capacity, and a list of the extra features such as Wi-Fi or GPS.

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It’s one of the few dual channel dash cams that come with an integrated screen. Find a top rated dash cam with the latest features you need. We will continue to update it continuously, so you’ll always find an overview of the top rated car cameras here. Prime free trial and invitee customers: We will automatically apply an Gift Card to your Gift Card Balance in the amount equal to the Prime exclusive discount after you become a paid Prime member. Smallness is actually an advantage for the TOGUARD because it can remain incognito and still make recordings of everything that … Read more. Dashboard cameras are not just another device to adorn your vehicle.

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: Vantrue X2 Dash Cam Super HD 1440p.

We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. With its elegant, black cylinder shape, this camera is one of stealthiest devices available. With the amount of vehicular traffic that has increased over the last few years and growing, dashcams have become part and parcel of our car accessory list. A dash cam which is capable of recording at full HD resolution, has a wide angle of view and performs flawlessly is a necessity these days. Dashcams are the most definitive tools to refute a bogus insurance claim by others … Read more. They are certainly not meaningless distractions by stretch of imagination. Higher the resolution of the saved footage, better the chances of capturing the license plate of a vehicle, a face in the dark or even a place where an … Read more. Video quality is good for the front view, but only average for the rear view. Some models also provide dual camera support for a rear camera as can be used as a back up camera as well. As a matter of fact this is one of the more likely reasons … Read more.

DUAL CAMERA CAR DASH CAM - 2.7" 1080P Full HD DVR - Dome.

Even more important than a burglar alarm or a steering lock. We’ll write a sentence or two to explain why each camera made the best-of list; for more information, we have detailed reviews that include video samples elsewhere on this site - just follow the links.We can’t list prices here as they change more frequently than this article will be updated. Continuing this series on the best dashboard cameras we review the Xiaomi YI Dashcam. When it comes to buying a dash cam you must keep a few things in mind.

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