Professional 52MM Accessory Bundle
Professional 52MM Accessory Bundle

Kit Includes:

· ✔52mm Professional Telephoto Lens,

· ✔High Definition 52mm Wide Angle Lens

· ✔3 Filters,

· ✔2X 16GB SDHC Cards(Transcend)

· ✔Hi-Speed SD USB Card reader

· ✔Pro Slave Flash

· ✔ 50 INCH Tripod

· ✔ Camera Case

· ✔remote trigger device

· ✔cleaning pads

· ✔lens cap strap

· ✔LCD screen protectors

· ✔memory card wallet

· ✔mini flexible tripod

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Canon EF lens mount - Wikipedia

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52mm Circular Polarizer II from Nikon

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