Polaroid 48 Macro LED Ring Flash &
Polaroid 48 Macro LED Ring Flash &

This Polaroid 48 macro LED ring flash attaches to most brand hot shoes (except Sony, need adapter) and macro-capable lenses with mounting ring diameters between 49mm-77mm- eight adapters are included with this package. The power pack attaches to the cameras hot shoe through which all synchronizing electrical signals travel.

You can control the output level of the LEDs and select all or half of them to fire - 48 LEDs for full lighting , 24 LEDs to create purposeful shadows on three dimensional subjects. You will also be able to change from flash firing mode to constant on. Constant on will let the camera decide which exposure is best and provide continuous light when using video cameras or the HD video mode in compatible digital cameras.

Adding to the versatility of this macro flash unit are four light softening diffuser - translucent, warming, white, blue. It has a power saving LCD screen for longer use.

A ring light is the best source for close up photography. And that makes the Polaroid macro LED ring flash the perfect choice for amateurs and advanced photographers alike who require shadow free illumination - perfect for medical, scientific and forensic photography.

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