Pair of Focal W/130KR 5.25
Pair of Focal W/130KR 5.25" K2

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Focal has largely redefined.or better said, refined anew, what it means to be a high-end headphone. I tried a few FLAC files, I even listened on a Pono Player and an Astell & Kern player, and whatever difference there might be, I didn’t notice it. Having been involve with product development projects numerous times in the past and now having experience these headphones, I'm not surprised in the least that these cans were four years in the making. Previous Next Sound balance on both Focal pairs is basically beyond reproach. Looking through the capsule you can see this is a acoustically open headphone. "As humans, we tend to accept the tools given to us. Increasing the separation increases the amount of compression and thus reduces the effective focal length.

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I had a standing table, but no seat that allowed me to stay standing up longer. Sit, stand, fidget, balance The chair is increasingly creating a buzz, too. Mind you, there are occasions where you might prefer the greater intimacy of more condensed, in-your-face cans; electronic dance music tends to benefit from having its notes stuck together in a sweaty, cramped wall of noise that can hit more forcefully than an open, analytical sound. Black metal mesh and matte black plastic outer capsule covers are accentuated by a black anodized driver rear cover ring emblazoned with "Utopia - Beryllium - Fabrique en France." A brushed aluminum grill covers the central rear driver hole. Sky & Telescope / Chuck Baker With this criterion established, the paradox is quickly resolved. While I'm on niggles, the carbon fiber yolks seem to creak a little in the headband adjusters when you manually hold the earcups in each hand and twist. Neewer 48 Macro LED Ring Flash. Most voice coils are built by wrapping the wire around plastic tube called a former which is then attached to the driver diaphragm. Around the driver in the baffle plate is a large array of vent openings covered in a very fine open mesh. Beaspire Professional Fashion. "For those who have embraced the standing desk, the stand-up chair is the office chair of the future - and super comfy," Chris Brooks, an account executive for Media and Entertainment at Phunware who saw the chair at SxSW, told us. I only detected this detail on the Utopia, and I wasn’t even trying to listen critically. Still, don’t let the numbers fool you into expecting they require the power.

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This technique is often used with long-focal-length systems, which deliver generous images scales. "This position in which I worked made me a much more creative designer, get more of that 'flow' state out of the day. Image scale, not pixel size, controls the resolution of digital images. Neither the Elear nor the Utopia are particularly light, but they’ve been structured to perfectly distribute their weight across the listener’s head, avoiding pain points or discomfort over long listening sessions. But the Utopia holds up much better in this department, thanks in large part to its less polite and more prominent low end. The day I have to return these headphones will be happy, for I’ll no longer have to guard them with my life, but also super sad because I’ll be letting go of a truly unique way of experiencing my music. It’s like a one-pound pet python that comes with your pretty new headphones. The major differences between these two pairs come down to their resolution, imaging, and soundstage. Sky & Telescope / Dennis di Cicco You might think that these parameters would be fixed for a given telescope and CCD camera. The outer enclosure of other headphones is replaced by metal meshes on both Focal models, with the design’s deliberate intent being to let sound escape in all directions. The number and size of pixels in a detector are only two considerations when you are planning the purchase of a CCD camera. This leaves a fairly large opening for sound to escape the ear cup, travel through the mesh and into the ear capsule, and exit the ear capsule through the outer metal screen making this a very acoustically open headphone. The Elear is even warmer than the Utopia, so I really doubt anyone would be in a rush to accuse these of being the stereotypical "boring" audiophile cans. They were the brain child of Martin Keen, an avid sailor who preferred to wear sandals on deck. Yet, it also feels good to stand while working for a few hours at a time, without my feet hurting.  With a little practice and some adjusting, the chair does seem to offer a nice balance between sitting and standing. a NEX Camera Mount Adapter ,. They are excellent for helping match image scale and pixel size. The Utopia, benefiting from a carbon fiber yoke and more luxurious lambskin leather ear pads, gives more room around the ear and feels the more comfortable of the two. Keen believes this almost-standing position helped him think better. But a balance between the two is an intriguing option. You’ll quickly start to hate low-quality streaming services and look for something of higher fidelity. Still, what was registering was firm, articulate and detailed. Digital cameras are not well known for their wide-field imaging abilities.

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To borrow a phrase from the SBAF guys, this headphone has great plankton. Natalie Maines' vocals were haunting in their realism and tone and repeatedly gave me goosebumps.

So I developed one myself," he told Business Insider. The blue sensitivity alone makes these detectors very attractive to people who are interested in photometry and tricolor imaging. Mids are as present as they need to be, never overwhelming or being overwhelmed, and the treble is crystalline in its definition. I actually received the cheaper set first and grew to really like it, and was ready to dismiss the much more expensive sibling as just carbon fiber-clad overkill, but the experience taught me otherwise. The wood side panels are less prone to showcase normal day-to-day wear, though I would recommend investing in some light-duty dusting cloths in order to keep them looking their very best. To see these headphones appear suddenly and with such command in a domain with which I am intimately familiar is disorienting. The Elear voice coil is built by wrapping the wire and adhesives around a form, but the form is removed before the voice coil is attached to the dome. Action sequences were exciting and visceral, though still nicely nuanced and dimensional throughout the front half of my room. But experience suggests that changing the spacing to obtain other compression ratios is not recommended and is the reason for the single focal-length entries in the table at left. I keep coming back to the Utopia again and again - even with its frightfully impractical cable. Besides, you probably want to work with your existing telescope. Sinnott developed this nomogram to show the relationship between image scale, effective focal length, and pixel size. Made from an Beryllium, it is extremely light and stiff.

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Take, for example, the back-illuminated SITe CCDs that are currently available in cameras manufactured by companies such as Apogee Instruments. And Martin Keen credits the success of that shoe to another one of his inventions. Additional Resources• Read more floorstanding speaker reviews from the staff at Home Theater Review.• Explore reviews in our.• See AV receivers in our. Curvaceous carbon fiber yolks with black-on-black Focal logo attach to the gloss black plastic capsule housing on one end, and slide into the headband through black anodized aluminum headband end fittings. The overall configuration is driven by the shape of the dome itself. As much as it grates on headphone enthusiasts with normal-sized wallets, flagship headphones are also luxury items and it's perfectly understandable that they're price long as the luxury is really there. The desk has to be adjusted so that leaning on the chair doesn't force you to look too far up at your computer screen, or put your arms at an awkward angle to type. Music never sounded so musicalBy resolution, I’m not referring to the marketing buzzword of high-res audio, but rather the intricacy of detail that you can hear. Also, I had no idea how prominent and persistent the tambourine was in the entire Relationship of Command album. The scene played with the predictability of a well-rehearsed script. For more on these loudspeakers and other floor-standing loudspeakers like them, please visit. The Focal Utopia and Focal Elear are available to preorder now World's Best Headphone: The Focal Utopia Über-expensive headphones are the bane of my existence. The spacing between the reducer and chip is critical, however, and changing it by even a millimeter degrades images. They should sound damned good, but historically they all to often have fatal flaws that degrade perceived performance to the point that they really aren't all that much better than some headphones of a much lower price. In the past the challenge was to design a system with high-quality images across a large field. At The Drive-In’s "Arcarsenal" is a good example: there are subtle cascading echoes of the vocals that propagate to the sides, as if dissipating out into the distance. At first I found that my arms, neck and lower back got quickly tired when using it. So many speakers seem to have a window in which they sound their best. There are several advantages of binning, including faster image readout, smaller file sizes, and greater CCD sensitivity for a given optical system. Ideally we could increase the separation enough to accommodate small pixels. The Elear feels almost artificially wide on the sides, though in both cases it’s a satisfyingly expansive presentation of the music that makes most closed-back headphones feel claustrophobic by comparison. There are many other considerations when it comes to matching telescopes and detectors. Nearly all truly high-end speakers at this range do. Astonishing! And now to the good part, let's have a listen. These should work just fine for folks with big ears. The wide diameter of the voice coil allows for a large opening behind the dome to release sound from the back of the driver with less opportunity for resonances and poor tuning. The dome is attached to the frame with a surround that acts as a suspension allowing the dome to move back and forth freely. I think it's just a bit of stiction of the carbon fiber agains the sliders of the adjustment mechanism.

Focal's Utopia headphones live up to their $3,999 price.

Most cameras sold today offer what are called binning modes -- the ability to electronically combine the signal collected by several adjacent pixels such that it appears to come from a single, larger pixel. A headphone in this category should never feel or appear cheap in any way. All-in-all this is a stealth-black sexy build, with terrific materials, and just the right balance of understatement and bling. Note that the resolution at a given scale is independent of pixel size. It's not that the grilles aren't functional, or that the tabs are somehow noticeable, it's just a bit wonky compared to some of the competition. I heard nothing of this noise when wearing the headphones. TEQSTONE 8-in-1 Clip-On Cell Phone. I used Crystal Cable speaker cables, so this was less of an issue, but when switching over to my regular Transparent Reference speaker cables, the connection became a bit trickier, though still possible. The Utopia and Elear sound just as good with well-recorded compressed files as they do with the super-duper lossless varieties.

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I could go on talking about how true to life the Utopia sound, how I can almost sense the texture of a drum head or the metallic edge of cymbals, but these headphones are not magical, and they do have downsides. A straight line connecting any two values passes through the third. With the Utopia, everything is in such fantastically precise focus, so crisply delivered that you will - as clichéd as the saying is - hear whole new depth and layers to your favorite songs and appreciate the original mix that, frankly, you might have never previously heard. This results in an extremely low distortion of the dome itself Moreover, the damping of Beryllium is impressive. Even though weight is a bit on the high side, the Utopia remains a very comfortable headphone. Moreover, even if the Aluminum-Magnesium M shape dome offers a very interesting mass-rigidity-daping ratio, it can not be compared to the Beryllium one. I chose to leave the grilles on throughout my review period, as I have three dogs in my house, so this design choice was really one that didn't affect me all that much. At the heart of the Utopia is a driver unlike any I've seen before. On the comfort side, both Utopia and Elear ensure a very good fit whatever the head size and shape due to an in-depth study and design of the headband and yoke. These two points lead the project from the first to the very last step. However, it is usually possible to vary both the focal length and pixel size within some limits.

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Being quite curious about their design process, I sent a couple of question over to the folks at Focal about the differences between the Elear and Utopia drivers. Bass was firm with solid impact, though for movies, you'll want and probably have a subwoofer. Both of these headphones, though, are exceptionally comfortable, putting to shame many of their designed-by-numbers rivals. Commercial units, particularly those for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, offer many options -- especially when the resulting focal length is tweaked by adjusting the spacing between the reducer and CCD. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable using anything more expensive for such an everyday task as playing back music. *An asterisk indicates the size and number of pixels as generally configured for astronomical use, since these chips actually have smaller, highly rectangular pixels originally intended for video applications This is a standing desk chair for lazy people that inspired a multi-million dollar shoe empire Chances are you've seen, or perhaps own, a pair of Keen shoes or sandals, the ones with a rubberized toe. On the design side of things, you have to be aware that these are the quintessential open-back headphones. Dialogue was crystal clear, with a presence that was void of coloration or sibilance. At high volumes, it didn't change its layout nor lose its composure. But since CCDs are relatively small this tolerance can be relaxed, and many focal reducers suitable for digital imaging can be made from simple achromatic lenses such as those scavenged from a old pair of binoculars. Bass is full, rich, and precise: it’s a winner on both quantity and quality. Attached to the rear at its annular crease, the dome is driven by an unusual voice coil

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