Opteka 19-Piece Graduated & Solid
Opteka 19-Piece Graduated & Solid

Transform an average sunrise or sunset into something spectacular or convert a dull, washed-out sky to a breathtaking blue. Designed for selectively adding a bit of color to your imagery, the 58mm Color Filter Kit from Opteka is a eighteen-piece bundle comprising nine different graduated filters and nine solid filters- Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Coffee, Purple, Grey and Pink.

Opteka 58mm HD Multicoated Graduated Filter Kit
- Colored half that adds color to a portion of the image, while the clear half maintains a neutral color balance
- Useful for adding dramatic and creative effects to skies and other bright regions while retaining more realistic results within the other half of the frame
- Constructed from optical glass and set within rotating aluminum filter rings for controlling the placement of the color about the frame

Opteka 58mm HD Multicoated Solid Filter Kit
- Affect the contrast, tone and mood of photographs
- Warm up or cool down the look of an image
- Color filters are one of the least expensive and most effective ways to improve your shots

55-58mm Ring
- Allows your 55mm kit to attach to 58mm threads.

Opteka Lens Pen
- Patented Carbon formula effectively cleans amino acids from fingertips and other sources from optics and screens without damaging the surface. Brush on opposite side of cleaning tip for removing surface dust. Safe for use on all optical lenses.

Opteka Air Blower
- This air blower allows you to easily remove dust and dirt particles from your electronic equipment. It even blows off dust particles that are clinging to your device from static electricity.

47th Street Photo Microfiber
- Safely and effectively clean your camera and any other delicate optics.

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