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Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera,


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Your Nest Cam Outdoor believes someone’s in the backyard. Wish one could set sensitivity.Picks up bugs all night long. A microphone and speaker are built-in for two-way audio communication, but you won’t find a microSD card slot for local video storage.What sets this camera apart is an iOS/Android app that’s several notches above the competition. Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor work with other Nest products to help keep your home safe and secure.

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So you’ll know if there was a lurker on your doorstep and see a photo of him. Just leave the package by the door.” Replay video See what you’ve missed.

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VILTROX JY-120-C1 wireless remote. I did know that I'd need a subscription to Nest Aware or all video would be lost. I mounted mine on the second floor out front overlooking my driveway and street. I have been through quite a few WiFi cameras, indoor and outdoor. Nest Cam looks for motion and listens for loud sounds, like a boom or the crash from a window breaking. Install well out of reach is our advice. Once installed, getting the camera online is made very easy by the Nest companion app, or at least, it should be.

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Make a public or password-protected live stream to share with your neighbors so everyone can help keep each other safe. The camera itself is held securely in place by the magnet, but with nothing else to keep it there other than the cable, a desirable gadget like this could itself become a target for thieves. The image quality is impressive, day and night, as are the motion and human detection. Get alerts when something happens in important areas, like the driveway or front door. Painted the track to match the trim, and it looks more like a professional installation, blending in with the existing woodwork And instead of a being fixed to a stand, this one comes with a separate magnetic base that can be screwed to the wall to provide a magnetic cradle for the rounded back of the camera.The power cable is fixed somewhat incongruously to the base of the camera. I really, really wish that I could recommend the Nest Outdoor Cam. But neighborhood security can prevent crime altogether. Create and download clips to share with your neighbors or the police. A camera is only as good as the clarity of its image. Just plug in the cable and adapter, mount the camera and go. The Nest was not fazed at all by driveway lights at night or the sun during the day.

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I'm consistently fighting with the app and website to try an view my PAID service. Home security can help stop a burglar from coming through your door. You check your feed and see a person sneaking around. You don’t want a security camera that sleeps on the job, takes a raincheck during a storm, or makes your house look unwelcoming. That’s not so surprising, given that Google is behind its development. Rated out of by from I really, really wish that I could recommend the Nest Outdoor Cam. Find a Nest Pro  Everything works together to keep you safe. However, our camera would not pair with our Virgin router and after many attempts, we had to find an alternative router. Even with nothing else using internet in my house the camera is constantly going offline so I only get footage half the time if I'm lucky. The app shows you a live feed from your cameras, and provided you take out a subscription, it allows you to customise your notifications by setting up to three active motion zones. Ten IR sensors ensure that it can see clearly in the dark as well. As for audio, the microphone is good enough to pick up subtle sounds, while the speaker delivers a clear voice when you talk via your phone. The motion sensor is also fairly successful at differentiating between people and animals. Things seem to run smoother on my phone but no matter which broswer I use on my gaming PC, it just seems to have trouble. Know where activity happened, when it started and when it ended. What a difference the Nest Outdoor Camera made! First of all, the image quality is far better than the other cameras I tried, and the night vision is exceptionally good. Next to this inlet are the perforated holes of the speaker, which being on the bottom, are safe from water ingress. When you subscribe to Nest Aware, advanced cloud algorithms pick out the activity you care about. I did run the wire through the wall into my garage - I wish the connector for this were smaller. Sightline doesn’t just show you a random thumbnail of an event. Or turn hours of footage into a mini timelapse film. There were occasions when a cat was mistaken for a human, but it certainly managed to filter out the irrelevant movement that’s bound to occur in the camera’s field of view.

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The app walks you through a step-by-step process that’s made simple by the addition of a QRF code on the camera that your phone simply scans in order to pair. For the last two years, Nest Cam Indoor has been spotting criminals as they enter homes. Nest Cam Outdoor has a built-in speaker and mic so you can scare off a suspicious visitor when you’re out, or let the delivery man know to leave the package at the door. I was not sure about installing it outside, with just tacking the wires to a wall, and how unfinished that would look. App is easy to use, and you can set up multiple "alert" zones, as well as hav. With other cameras I would often have halting, poor quality video when I reviewed away from home - not the Nest! It provides excellent quality video wherever I am - it dynamically adjusts the video rate to accommodate your connection speed. That means that, should you learn that someone grabbed an Amazon shipment from the porch while a household member is home, there will be no video record. The Nest servers are absolutely terrible, unfortunately for Amazon, they use AWS servers.

Nest Cam Outdoor security camera

BUT- there are several software and notification issues that are inexplicable and unforgivable at this price. If I put the camera on auto resolution it's always at the lowest setting so its useless because you can 't make out anyone's face. Some cameras that rely on batteries can turn on only when they sense motion. The camera itself is ok but the the cloud service provided doesn't work half the time. Like if a person is walking up the front steps, or if someone’s head appears in frame. Or for an even simpler installation, find a Nest Pro to do it for you. We had a similar issue at a different location, which suggests a glitch in Nest’s system rather than our own. Assuming you don’t have the same problems, Nest’s slick software should make the user experience the best in the business. Then it can alert you with a photo from the event, and even save some pictures in the Nest app for three hours. If you leave live feed open on your computer, it displays from the cloud - not your local network, so you can DOUBLE the bandwidth. Nest customer service has a bad habit of accusing customers that it's their wifi setup. Watch Sightline in action See the world in high definition. So you can know about a break-in before it happens.

Get a special alert when Nest Cam Outdoor sees a human. With Sightline, you don’t have to dig through video to spot the thief. Nest Cam records everything so you can save exactly the moments you want. Some cameras say they have HD, but their sensors and plastic lenses give you lower image quality. Nest Cam Outdoor is beautiful, weatherproof, and it plugs into power so you never have to worry about dead batteries. Everything is presented and packaged well with plenty of hardware- an area that is easy for companies to skip. It's all software- and setting-related, which means that it could all easily be fixed -if Nest chose to- which all the more more frustrating. The downside of this is the cost of the Nest Aware subscription, but when I compare it to the cost of other cameras' cloud subscriptions the Nest is a good value. Especially if you are utilizing the cloud recording subscription and sending your video over your wifi network. If you miss an alert, you can always see activity from the last three hours in the Nest app. You can even connect Nest to light bulbs and window shades to make it look like you’re home when you’re not Customer Reviews Cam Outdoor Security Camera is rated out of by. App is easy to use, and you can set up multiple "alert" zones, as well as have the camera "listen" for noise. Hoping to hear back from Nest that they've updated their software- would love to give the Cam a better review

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