Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2
Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2

Meet Nest cam outdoor. It stands watch 24/7, rain or shine. Plugs into power so you never have to worry about dead batteries. And sends an alert to your phone when it detects activity. It even lets you talk back through the Nest app. This is what an outdoor security camera should be.

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After entering my address and allowing notifications, I tapped the plus button to add the device. The Nest Cam IQ delivered outstanding daytime video in my tests. The app opens to a screen that displays all connected Nest devices. That said, this is one of the most expensive home surveillance cameras out there, and you can plan on spending even more for a Nest Aware subscription if you want to take advantage of all of its neat features.

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Nest Aware can distinguish between people and other movements, giving different notifications. While no security camera is ever going to be desirable, the Nest Cam Outdoor comes close. The IQ always notified me when my dog was barking, and when it detected a person talking, and recorded video was just as sharp as the live feed. With Zones set, you can choose which ones to be notified about and which ones you’re happy to ignore. The camera has no trouble differentiating between people and other motion from pets and passing cars, and facial recognition works wonderfully. Some detail is blurred out in uniform areas, such as grass, but the important information is kept. For users that already own one or more Nest devices, the Nest Cam IQ is an excellent addition. This is a minor complaint, though, and once your schedule is set correctly, you’re unlikely to need to touch this setting.

And some of them have cool features that the Nest doesn’t. More importantly, the Nest Cam Outdoor is super-easy to self-install for most people. As with the Cam Indoor, the Outdoor version has a microphone and speaker so that you can speak to anyone outside. With its simplest form of installation, you need only attach the junction box to a wall via the provided bracket, and put the plug into an outdoor socket.

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The camera's microphone and speaker combo deliver the best two-way audio quality of any camera I've reviewed to date. Freeze the frame on whoever keeps spilling food on the couch. Design and Features The Nest Cam IQ looks very similar to the Nest Cam Outdoor, but is strictly intended for indoor use. Thanks to the Supersight auto zoom feature, there was no need to get up close and personal for the camera to recognize a face. You can also share it and save it locally on your mobile device. Tap the Nest Cam IQ to launch a live stream and the Sightline, which is time-lapse record of all activities that you can swipe through to find a specific point in time. The Nest Cam Outdoor hopes to change that, thanks to painless installation, smart monitoring and a design that makes the camera actually look good when it’s installed. The downside is that Netatmo’s camera is harder to install, and the overall experience isn’t quite as neat. is one of our favorite home security cameras, so we were understandably excited to try out the new Nest Cam Outdoor Sometimes it pans so aggressively in the direction the thief is walking that it pans right past him. The magnet’s powerful enough to hold the camera in place, but still gives you some movement, so you can rotate and tilt the camera until you’re happy with the field of view. It’s a brilliant, important feature.It is not, however, a Google invention. It’s more expensive than the Nest Cam Outdoor, but it has no monthly subscription cost, integrating for free with Dropbox or an FTP server. Whereas the Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor models require a Nest Aware subscription to receive an alert when the camera spots someone, the Nest IQ provides those alerts out of the box. To that end, the camera can automatically turn off when you’re home, only turning on when the mobile app detects that you’re out. If you don’t have an outdoor socket, you’ll need to drill through a wall and route the USB cable through the junction box, which you plug into a standard power socket. Either on the phone or on the Nest website, you can catch something you missed with the camcorder, like your baby’s first steps or a pet’s funny trick. A great IFTTT channel lets you integrate the camera with other smart devices – turning on lights when the camera detects movement, for example. It’s not fooled into switching modes by a torch being shone at it, either, so you know that the Nest Cam Outdoor will record reliably. Installation and Performance To test the Nest Cam IQ, I downloaded the iOS app, created an account, and plugged in the camera. This is a handy way of further cutting down on notifications. You then just tap the camera to the mount, and its magnet grabs hold. Phone Camera Lens , Prweyn HD. They are so small, in fact, that I was unable to detect them in a completely dark room. Using the web app only, not the mobile version, you can set Activity Zones to monitor certain areas of the image. Unfortunately, you have to pay a monthly fee to get the good stuff. Having a security camera is as much about when it doesn’t record as when it does, retaining your privacy.

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As a result, I got very few false positives and not a constant deluge of notifications. Tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner takes you to a screen where you can turn the camera and the microphone on and off, set up a recording schedule, enable notifications and the Familiar Face features, and view Nest Aware subscription details.

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This mount screws into a wall and, because it’s round, you don’t have to worry about getting it level. The camera has no onboard storage and no ability to save video to a different location, such as a NAS drive. Both the app and web console are slick and easy to use, clearly highlighting any detected events. Once you've found your desired moment, tap the film icon to record and save it to the cloud. For all installations, you get to use Nest’s excellent magnetic camera mount. There are also settings where you can turn night vision and close-up tracking on or off, dial back video quality for more bandwidth, and enable Home/Away Assist, which uses your phone's location service to trigger the camera automatically depending on where you are. Although Nest Aware is expensive, it’s just about the best cloud system that I’ve used. Nest’s scheduling is a little confusing to use at first, as the app displays bars that you naturally want to touch and slide but can’t. It'll even tell you if it hears people talking or dogs barking. Nest Cam Outdoor is white, designed in the style of a rounded spotlight, and was built to. Nest Cam Outdoor – Design and Build Nest wanted to build a camera that was easy to install and looked great. miliboo MTT705B Portable Carbon. There’s no way to set the camera only to notify when it detects people, which you can do with the Netatmo Presence. Here you can decide if you know the person or not, add them to your library, or delete them. With the lack of features, not subscribing to Nest Aware makes the Cam Outdoor seem a little pointless.

Google's Nest Cam IQ recognizes burglars' faces-for a.

I found it painless to get my camera online and connected to my Wi-Fi, using the live preview the app offers to ensure that I was capturing the right parts of my garden. When a face is identified, app and email notifications will tell you who the camera saw with a link to the video. Seems like it’s expecting the evildoer to move at just the right speed, or it doesn’t really work.As before, the picture and sound are delayed by a couple of seconds. You can read all his articles here, or you can sign up to get his columns by email It uses a Supersight automatic zooming and tracking feature to identify people in its field of view, and match their image to pictures in your library so you can keep track of who is coming and going, and when. Nest has one app for all of its devices, which is handy, as you can use the same app for the outdoor camera, the Nest Cam Indoor, and the Nest Thermostat. Records to a memory card, so no subscription necessary. Without Nest Aware, you get basic motion alerts, photos of activity are saved for three hours, and you can watch the live stream. It can track your entire household, as Nest supports multiple user accounts. A slick and powerful outdoor security camera, but the ongoing subscription costs are expensive. It'll tell you when it detects motion, but it won't tell you who or what is moving around inside your home like the Nest Cam IQ will Get information about new cameras and receive updates about your favorite live cams The difficulty is that outdoor cameras have traditionally been a bit of a pain to set up and configure. Simple to set up, easy to use, super smart facial recognition, and the best picture and sound on the market. Live and recorded video are sharp and colorful, and the camera responds to motion and sound events quickly with push and email notifications. Finally, the Nest Cam Outdoor also listens for loud noises, such as glass being broken, and delivers a warning notification. It could be handy for talking to couriers or for warning off a would-be thief. Its Supersight zooming feature does a great job of tracking visitors and matching them to your Familiar Face library, and it's smart enough to know the difference between a person and other moving objects. That’s more than enough even for a heavy spring downpour. Nest Cam Outdoor – Performance and Nest Aware As with Nest’s previous camera, the Cam Outdoor is heavily reliant on a Nest Aware subscription. Motion processing is top-notch, too, with the camera ignoring swaying trees and only alerting you of ‘proper’ movement. The service also enables several extra features, including more advanced motion detection, the option to create, save and download video clips, and the ability to manually set special zones for monitoring, called Activity Zones. For its core function, it’s among the best home-security cameras you can buy-and buy, and buy, and buy.More from David Pogue:David Pogue, tech columnist for Yahoo Finance, welcomes nontoxic comments in the comments section below. At night when it gets dark, the camera switches to IR mode. In daylight, the picture is sharp, and faces can clearly be seen. Conclusions There's a lot to like about the Nest Cam IQ. You can also schedule the camera to turn on and off. Nest Cam Outdoor security camera is the best way to stay connected to home. That means it’s completely dustproof and can withstand low-pressure water jets. There will be repetitions during those first days, but eventually, the app will know who’s entitled to be in your home, and who’s not.And sure enough: the IQ now lets you know only when someone authorized is in your home. It also has embedded motion and audio sensors, a thin LED light ring around the lens that glows blue when you power it up, an array of microphones, a speaker, and support for two-way audio communication. Conversations are loud, free of noise, and have almost no lag. Also tracks outside temp and humidity levels, and issues weather warnings. With Supersight you don't have to get up close to the camera for it recognize you like you do with the Tend Secure Lynx. With its rounded back and flat front, the camera looks more like a high-end spotlight rather than a traditional security device.

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Rather than having to be hard-wired into an electrical circuit, the Nest Cam Outdoor comes with a waterproof power supply composed of two parts. There are a few significant upgrades from other Nest offerings. I was prompted to scan the QR code on the bottom of the base, selected a location for the camera from the list, and hit Continue. It also offers many of the same features found in Nest's other cams, including motion and sound detection, push and email alerts, two-way audio, and the ability to interact with other smart home devices. Notifications are some of the best, with both the Android and email alerts showing you a still image of the detected activity. There’s a junction box hard-wired to a three-pin plug, and the camera has a captive weatherproofed USB cable that connects to the junction box

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