Neewer PRO i-TTL FlashDeluxe Kit
Neewer PRO i-TTL FlashDeluxe Kit

Neewer VK750 II Pro I-TTL Auto-Focus Flash
- High GN: 58 (ISO 100,105mm)
- Flash mode: TTL, M, MULTI, S1, S2
- Wireless trigger sensor, distance: 20-25m indoor, 10-15m outdoor
- Functions: PC port, Front curtain sync, Power saving mode, Sound indicator, Overheating protection, Memory function.
- Recycle time 3s (with 4 pcs AA alkaline cell).
- Vertical rotation angle: 0-90°; Horizontal rotation angle: 0-270°.
- Lighting times: 100-1500 times(AA alkaline cell used)
- Flash time: 1/200s-1/20000s
- Flash control: 8 levels of output control(1/128--1/1)
- Color temperature: 5600k
- Power supply: 4xAA size batteries(Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable).

- 2.4 GHz Wireless Flash Trigger with Remote Shutter Function
-It provides the convenience of a wireless camera shutter release, ideal for photographing wildlife, and also for macro and close-up photos.
- 3-in-1 wireless remote control for camera, speedlite and studio flash.
- 16 Channels Selectable
- Sync speed up to 1/250s
- Transmitter power:2 x AAA battery.
- Receiver power:2 x AAA battery

- N1 Cord + N3 Cord(Connecting Cords for Wireless Flash Trigger)
- Compatible with remote controls equipped with 2.5mm socket.
- Enables wireless camera shutter release.

- Flash Diffuser
- Soft Flash Diffuser:spreads and softens the light emitted from your flash unit,bouncing off ceilings and walls, instead of coming from a single concentrated light source.
- Hard Flash Diffuser:Reduces and softens harsh shadows behind subject and eliminates red eye effect which makes the light looks more balanced and natural.

- Lens Cap Holder
- Small button sticks to the front of your lens cap;fits snuggly around the circumference of your lens.

NOTE:Camera not included.

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DSLR Flashes & Camera Flash Accessories - Free Shipping.

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Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set DG 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm.

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