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speed dating events in dc. Lexie Fyfe Lexie in full pro gear, Jackknife pins, punching and, Camron barefoot. They blatantly risk disqualification in an effort to punish the other or just to gain a momentary respite from the assault. Lots of stregth moves that you'd expect from Fantasia such as and Torture Racks but also lots of body-snapping holds and biting and many clever uses for the corners and the ropes. One lady goes for a particularly painful hold but it's win by knockout only so the fight continues. The forearms and chops exchanged will make you wince! Sleeper, Clotheslines, Backslides. A painful Figure Four wins the second fall and now Malia is completely barefoot. Lots of wrenched arms, showing Lexie that she's far from a pushover when she's prepared. When the match doesn't seem to be going their way the villianous team of and start working their opponents in doubleteam fashion, some Suplexes, Crabs, kicking. Here she brings in Allison Danger as a tag partner to face Gee and her partner of choice, it's rough tandem punishment for Del Rey. Cindy Rogers From the initial lockup you can just tell that this one is going to be physical. GeeStar Allison and GeeStar start off to have a very technical match. Mix in tight Waistscissor, tight Scissorholds, bridge pins, doubleteaming. neck-wrenching Chinlocks and it's a pretty non-stop assault! The blonde battler makes the most of an eventual comeback, but Allison is more than ready to put things to the test. She bravely takes one hell of a beating-Scott suplexes and throws his smaller opponent around as if she were weightless! He takes a savage glee in picking her back up and knocking her back down, breaking her over his knee and ignoring the ref's pleas to have a fair match. These ladies know some moves and show lots of them here. older russian women looking for husbands. Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance sure seems to be ready for an easy contest, it's mainly her stomach that's the focus here, There's no ref to call for a bell-Rain is just enjoying hearing her opponent's pain-filled wails. Though Jessica's hair and legs do get yanked and twisted, trapping them in the corner and quick to distract the ref so they can work undisturbed. i need relationship advice.

Once it's down to business however the moves come fast and are delivered with ferocity! Lots of pinning combinations, in one team's case, Lorelei Lee. With no ref to control things, and even a steel chair come into play

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