KADEN Camera Lens Pouch 4 Pack
KADEN Camera Lens Pouch 4 Pack

Main Specifications:
Brand: Kaden
Item: Lens Pouch
Color: Black
Size: XL, L, M, S
Please Note: (Manual Measurement, 1-3 cm error is normal range )
S: Diameter 8cm, length 10cm, install length less than 7cm and not more than 8cm in diameter.
M: Diameter 9cm, length 14cm, install length less than 11cm and not more than 9cm in diameter.
L: Diameter 10cm, length 18cm, install length less than 15cm and not more than 10cm in diameter.
XL: Diameter 10cm, length 25cm, install length less than 22cm and not more than 10cm in diameter.

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