K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter for
K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter for

Why Choose K&F Concept?

• professional camera accessory manufacturer.

• Premium Picked up Product. Shop with Guarantee.

• Dedicated to provide products in high quality & good price.

• Made of metal sealing ring, much tighter. Laser fonts, much durable

• Meet Environmental Standards of RoHS


•This adapter gives you the ability to use your irreplaceable prime lens and saves you the cost of purchasing new lenses

•The adapters are precision made to insure the perfect fit.

•Allows focus infinity.

•Diaphragm control of the lens is set manually.

•High quality and compact.

•Made of brass and aluminum (not plastic).

•100% Brand New

•Color: Black

Suitable for:

•Pentax PK lens

•Sony NEX Mount Camera

Package Includes:

1X PK-NEX Lens Mount adapter ring

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