Helios 44-2 M42 Russian Lens for
Helios 44-2 M42 Russian Lens for

Helios 44-2 lens is a classic 58mm lens that was produced as the kit prime on the Zenit-series russian SLR. Its production was stopped in early 90s, but the lens has found recognition among contemporary photographers. Some may consider Russian lenses brick-like but they are well constructed and not worse than recent plastic models. The lens has manual focus so you need to get used to. You will need to be creative with this lens and also need to be quick because of the manual focus. Fixed at 58 mm, with original bokeh and sharp imaging, it will be ideal for portraits, landscapes and in some cases for macro shooting. Helios 44-2 gives unique photos with beautiful, soft swirly bokeh in the background. Taking portraits? This model will suits you perfectly! On APS-c systems the angle of view becomes narrower and the lens is converted into a decent aperture portrait lens. Helios 44-2 is an excellent budget choice for portraits - you get artistic pictures from the pure color reproduction, smooth background blur and bokeh effect. Lens features allow you to smooth out minor blemishes and make-contrast shadow transitions softer. Nevertheless, Helios 44-2 can also be used when shooting landscapes, when there is no need for clear details. The lens is used but in Excellent condition! THE LENS KIT INCLUDES: Helios 44-2 58mm F2 M42 Lens M42 - Canon EOS AF-confirm adapter SPECIFICATIONS: Focal length,mm 58 Relative aperture 1:2 Scale of diaphragms f2-f16 Diaphragm Manual Focusing range from 0.5m to 20m to infinity Filter mount M49x0.75 Lens mount M42 + adapter Canon EOS AF Note: Will not fit 650D, 5DmkIII, 100D, 700D, 70D and other latest cameras.Ask about the right adapter for these models.

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The focal length is very universal, the bokeh is great, it is sharp where it matters and still it is small and affordable. Furthermore, it has the great Contax build quality and is very light. Производился в качестве сменного для зеркальных камер «Старт» и «Зенит». However, I found that if I set my SS to auto, I can magically adjust exposure compensation, but in this case adjusting ISO doesn't alter the image what so ever. You should be aware of: The coatings aren’t  very effective, especially with larger bright areas there is significant veiling flare. You should be aware of:  It will be hard finding one. Canon EOS 70D 20.2 MP AF Full HD. It’s still pretty a fast lens for a zoom with such range and it has a handy MACRO function too.  Best of all it’s very cheap, so definitely a “must have”, especially when you are starting to build a set and need to cover wide range of focal lengths. In the video at this link I'm reproducing the issue. You should be aware of: very front heavy and therefore not the greatest handling. I'd like to get this going before a trip later today. If not, not a deal breaker, I’d continue to carry my trusty Leitz ball & socket table-top tripod. Управление диафрагмой - ручное, с кольцом предварительной установки. Take care Steve W… It seems Fuji is mostly giving rebates to new users though tying it to new body purchase. You should be aware of: It can show some axial CA wide open and flares easily You will need a reasonable amount of light to shoot with this lens. So now I'm trying to desire what to buy back and looking for some well kept used gear.

Only downside is it's difficult to turn the aperture ring because it's so wee. Many thanks… I can't find a way of setting a button to just turn the flash on without having then to select what type of flash setting I want - in other words, a cumbersome two-stage process. Объективы семейства «Гелиос» использовались в качестве сменных и несменных объективов ряда советских фотоаппаратов общего и специального применения, в телевизионных камерах и киносъёмочных аппаратах, кинопроекторах и другой технике. To reproduce the problem just focus on a close subject, use aperture priority wide open to narrow DOF, focus with the bbf and then start half pressing the shutter button.

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Even taking an adapter into account it costs significantly less and I couldn’t really find any fault with this lens that would spoil the game for me. Even with this, exposure compensation automatically adjusts based on where I point my camera and the lighting. Индекс в названии обычно указывает на порядковый номер расчёта оптической схемы в ГОИ. This is a lens that will always easily fit into your bag, which is great if you not intend to shoot this wide on a regular basis. Germany, UK, France, many US states, to name just a few. You should be aware of: It is a push-pull zoom and operation isn’t too pleasant. This lens will not be suitable to shoot moving subjects or with available light indoors. But during the getting ready and reception time, the camera did not lock up because it was cooler during those time. Имеет весьма неплохие для массового объектива оптические свойства. С. А. Зверева выпуск объектива был возобновлён - в октябре в заводском фирменном магазине «Гелиос» начались продажи небольших партий. The most amazing fact about this lens is it’s tiny form factor in regard of it’s bright aperture. Является одним из самых массовых фотообъективов в мире. Decent close up performance due to floating elements. The focus slightly changes each time, and at the end I take a second picture out of focus. We’ll talk about the FRs a bit more at the end of this guide, but now let’s get into the actual lenses. Для повышения оптических характеристик в объективе использован новый сорт стекла класса «сверхтяжёлых кронов». Corner sharpness wide open at the long end isn’t great, neither is flare resistance. Then I activate focus check and I start half pressing the shutter button several times. Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release. I MF by default, so AEL/focus-and-recompose…don’t need no stinking joy-stick. There are certainly other lenses which would deserve a spot in this list but we only include lenses we have used ourselves, so please don’t take it personal if we haven’t included your favorite lens. You can see I focus with the bbf and I take a picture perfectly sharp. It happens with AF-S, single focus point or area, and on P, A or S modes. If you can't read the physical manual, because "it's so last century" then there is a page on the Fujifilm website that contains All current cameras' manuals If you don't read the manual and ask a simple question, easily found in the manual, then expect a RTFM! comment. You should be aware of: Other classic normal lenses are sharper, have more contrast, focus closer and are less susceptible to flare. По оптической схеме представляют собой светосильные и особосветосильные анастигматы типа «Планар», обычно включающие шесть линз в четырех группах.

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Wide open great for shooting portraits under available light. Love the absolute stealthiness of this combination. You should be aware of: It doesn’t feel very solid, other normal lenses have smoother bokeh and flare resistance isn’t too god. Its’ image quality, bokeh, very short focusing distance and build quality really set standards. This was a heavy crop as she was well to the right of the frame. This is a typical situation when using bbf: you focus once and then take several shots for different compositions or exposures without touching the focus. The zoom range is of course quite limited and veiling flare can be an issue. Ниже описаны наиболее распространённые объективы этого семейства.

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Forget about shooting indoors or on dark days with this lens. В начале выпуска оправа объектива не красилась, ближе к концу выпуска появилась версия, частично окрашенная в чёрный цвет. I can’t do arm’s length photography, so LCD resolution is not important to me, but an articulated LCD is useful in very low-angle shots. A solid and steady tripod as well as a lens support are pretty essential for this lens to avoid camera shake when focusing. I'm happy with these settings and it works as I want, but the issue I found is that the focus is not locked. Since I was a bbf user on my old canon setup, I immediately disabled AF on the shutter button and I'm using the AF-ON feature on the AF-L button of the Fujifilm. Incredibly cinematic images can be produced with this lens. The colours are outstanding and the bokeh is creamy and beautiful. The right one is the nFD version which stands for NEW FD. Thanks a ton… This is an edited version if what I sent to Fuji USA last week: Currently there is no way to manually adjust the optical viewfinder's frameline brightness when using native Fuji lenses which can cause problems in bright sunlight. Magenta [R+B] Focus Peaking is my only wish… IBIS is also rumoured to be in the works…hope it’s in time to make it out…others did years ago. Now I admit, they are not the fastest lenses in this guide, but being MACRO lenses, they usually need stepping down quite a lot anyway to get enough depth in focus, so slower apertures should not be a problem for MACRO users «Ге́лиос» - наименование семейства советских объективов различного назначения: фотографических, киносъёмочных, для аэрофотосъёмки, проекционных и др. Кольцо установки диафрагмы на оправе объектива отсутствует, управление диафрагмой только от камеры. This version of FD lenses also has a Breech-lock mount. I can put all other setting dials into manual- aperture, shuter speed, ISO.   You should be aware of: The Canon isn’t well suited for astro and reportage style photography because it is pretty soft at wider apertures with strong vignetting and nervous bokeh. Управление диафрагмой - ручное, с кольцом предварительной установки. You should be aware of: Wide open it is soft and bokeh isn’t too smooth either so this aperture is of limited use, yet you pay many times as much for it than for other normal lenses and it is also significantly heavier and flares easily. This lens is so little and cute, but it's really surprisingly sharp and has a lovely character. Therefore you can use it for a wide range of photography, be it in for landscapes, portraiture, macro or documentary photography オールドレンズのデメリット 相変わらずオールドレンズの描写が好きなぼくですが、もちろんいくつか欠点もあります。 主なデメリットはコチラですね。 マニュアルフォーカスであること 解像感に限界があること マニュアルフォーカスだからしっかりピントを合わせようとすると両手を使ってじっくり撮らなくてはならないんですよ。もちろんそれが味ではあるんですが. If you want to shoot with this lens you need great lighting conditions, a steady hand or a tripod. Most people we met, left their land to visit our back yard. I want on-camera TTL and HSS, and remote off-camera TTL and HSS. Помимо резьбовой версии, доступны варианты объектива для крепления на байонет Canon EF и байонет F. So, I’m calling on Fuji to do the right thing and …. The camera will auto set exposure each time, and by doing this you should notice the focus moving. Является также популярным исходным объективом для изготовления моноклей. They are generally a bit lighter than and feel less solid than the S.S.C FDs. On the plus side it does perform well for its’ modest price Carl Zeiss Jena, Helios / Mir as well as Olympus, Minolta, Pentax lenses, but I don’t think that there are many better choices for mirror-less cameras than Canon FD Lenses. I am unclear what the day to day practical advantage is of a medium format camera compared to the non medium format, e.g., Canon, which has similar megapixels. You should be aware of: Chromatic aberration control wide open could be a little better. with a wide range of applications and good performance in most aspects, a little on the heavy side. We changed the format a bit from our other guides: For each lens we have summarized the defining strengths and weaknesses. Other than that they are suppose to be pretty much the same.

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While the canon camera is not a medium format camera it is less expensive. One of the few true APO-lenses, sharp like a razor blade. My recommendation for a nice portrait lens with great bokeh and less modern look but still good sharpness.  Please make sure to check out our in-depth reviews for a much more detailed discussion of each lens. There was no need for such wide lenses back in the days when Canon FD lenses were produced. This adjustment is available when using adapted manual focus lenses. neat idea would be to overlay the focus square in the OVF over head. Если такой объектив соединить с байонетными камерами через переходник, то фокусировочное кольцо упирается в торец переходника и фокусировка будет затруднена. К особенностям данного объектива следует отнести естественную цветопередачу и закрутку пёстрого фона, свойственную всем объективам со схемой «Планар». We hope this will make it easier to decide for yourself, if the lens could fit your needs. You should be aware of: It displays quite a lot of axial CA and is rather slow to focus. Из-за особой системы привода диафрагмы мог устанавливаться только на эти камеры. After pressing bbf, taking several shots will shift the focus. Имеет оптическую схему типичную для объективов этого класса - семь линз в пяти группах My wife is envious of family members traveling the world

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