FILMCITY Video Camera Shoulder
FILMCITY Video Camera Shoulder

Filmcity introduces its video camera shoulder mount Rig Kit to give your every shot a more refined and professional feel. Keeping quality and durability at priority, this video shoulder support rig is made from high-grade Polyamide Resin. The front handle of the rig gives powerful grip and rods are solid enough to carry the camera weight. The 9" Camera Cage brackets with soft grip top handle and multiple attachment points is excellent for both DSLR and Video camera systems, enables the users in doing hand-held shooting without exhaustion. Comes with Camera Matte box having both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios format which can be used with both normal as well as wide angle lenses. It has two 4x4 filter holder, perfect for polarized and a combination of square filters. Metal made Front Adjuster allows height adjustment up to 2.5 centimeter. Camera Follow Focus is flexibly light weight equipment designed to allow a camera operator to work more efficiently. This Follow Focus unit is used to simplify and enhance the focusing technique. Now whether you are covering a live event, a wedding, or shooting a film, the right handheld rig can take your project to the next higher level.

DSLR Shoulder Rig FC 102 Camera Cage Filmcity MB-600 Matte box V1 Follow Focus SR-33A Adapter Free Wire Organizer Clamps

Construction: Hi Strength Polyamide resin Quick Release has 1/4" 20 camera mounting Bolt Center to Center spacing 60mm Rods diameter 15mm 5x 300mm female rods 2x 150mm female rods 2x 150mm male rods

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