COOCHEER Camera Tripod Stand for
COOCHEER Camera Tripod Stand for

Lightweight And Compact
Only about 2.76lb(1.25kg), particularly recommended for people who like to capture the beautiful moments outside.

High Quality And Durable
Made of high quality aluminum alloy tube and ABS environmental plastic. Max diameter 24mm,The leg feet are made of soft rubber and rotate to better adjust to the floor not being static.

Get Whatever Angle Appropriate
3-way panhead with quick release plate,enables you to take pohots at any angle with horizontal and vertical;360 degree panning,accurate panoramas can be easily orchestrated.

Humanization Design
At the top of each leg there is a soft foam material for better gripping.And a Center-Column Hook allows you to hang additional weight for increasing stability.

Dual Spirit Level Design
Double precision bubble level,includes 3 adjustment knobs to dampen panhead effect when applicable with abilities to shoot at any angle with precision and efficiency.

Product Specification:
Material: Aluminum alloy tube,ABS environmental plastic
Head type: 3-Way Panhead
Pan Range: 360°
Tilt Range: 180°
Lateral Tilt: 90°
Load Capacity: up to 8.8 lb (4.0 kg)
Folded length: 50cm / 19.7in(with panhead)
Maximum Height: 57.5"" / 146cm
Minimum Height: 18.5"" / 47cm
Leg Sections: 4

What You Get:
1 * Coocheer Tripod (include three-dimensional head)
1 * Coocheer Tripod Instruction
1 * Coocheer Tripod Carrying Bag

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