Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack for Canon
Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack for Canon

The Canon LP-E8 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack has a capacity of 1120mAh, making it possible to shoot many photographs with your Canon EOS Rebel T2i, T3i or T4i digital camera on a single battery charge. The battery is also compact and lightweight. There is no memory effect, so you can recharge partially drained batteries without reducing performance.

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Automatic lateral chromatic aberration correction, presuming you have a proper lens profile loaded, doesn't correct everything. They are all exactly the same camera and this review applies to all of them. If you've gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you're family. Auto ISO is set simply by selecting the "A" option in the ISO selections. As of review time, this statement is indeed mostly correct.

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Notice the the great Auto White Balance here under tungsten lights at home. If you already have a Digital Rebel, this is just the same thing all over again for still images, and improved for video use. There are an infinite number of AF situations to throw at a camera, but subjects moving parallel to the sensor plane typically pose much less of challenge for a camera. The faster a subject is approaching the camera and closer the distance is, the more taxing the situation is on AF - and the more out of focus shots you will likely experience with the even best lenses mounted. For many more comparisons, go to the Camera Side View Comparison page. I see no reason not to simply buy the latest model. Canon does not make any boasts about shutter life in its Rebel models. DSLR image quality is only as good as the weakest link in the imaging system. As covered at the introduction, the touch screen works great! Just about everything is controllable from it, and if you don't like it, all the usual controls are there so you can ignore the screen altogether. High ISO performance is great for any reasonable use. See Sale Details » Brands Please see Discounts & Coupons page for current promo codes This free website's biggest source of support is when you use those or any of these links when you get , regardless of the country in which you live. Especially when using careful setup and manual focusing, very impressive results are obtainable from this camera. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. More prints for less without compromise Find consumables for your Canon printer. In AI Servo mode, all Canon DSLRs attempt to predictively focus the attached lens at the precise location the subject will be at the moment the shutter opens. An attenuator function reduces audio distortion in unusually loud sounds. Any of the less expensive Rebels will make photos just as good, and honestly, since I already own a Rebel XTi, I got this new Rebel because it's much nicer and has a touch screen for playback; I don't actually this new Rebel.

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The Rebels are much smaller and lighter than Canon's other SLRs, which makes them better because you're more likely to take your Rebel with you. When I call for support, I get an intelligent person who sincerely wants to help me with whatever my question or problem is. Most of my fill-flash shots with the built-in flash are overexposed; I have to dial-in negative exposure compensation. We'll look next at the physical camera, starting with the viewfinder. BM Premium Pack of 2 LP-E10. I seldom hear people complaining about this - you get used to it. Continuous AF is also available in still capture mode - to keep the lens pre-focused for quick image capture. Repair service, though I have seldom needed it, is fast and reliable. Or a great choice if you just need a small camera that can fit into the pack. Shooting at narrower apertures results in more DOF that better-hides AF precision issues. Here are additional video recording features and specs: Movie exposures are either Program AE or manual exposure. Again needing a lens profile, there is also corner light falloff correction. It's a zillion times faster and easier to move around a zoomed image by moving a finger than by using the old mechanical controls of every other digital camera. Use the built-in flash to control remote flashes for ultimate flash image quality. If you've found all the time, effort and expense I put into researching and sharing all this, this free website's biggest source of support is when you use these links, especially these links directly to it: Ken and family. The marketing fluff about the magic phase-detection CMOS sensor is just that. It is a superb camera for still photos, and makes fantastic-looking video. But you might need to crop or clone stamp out something unintentionally present in your image during post processing if you are not careful. Movie Servo AF, in its current state, is not going to be the choice of major motion picture studios. The camera has only a primitive four-level readout of battery charge. Batteries Please see Discounts & Coupons page for current promo codes. Using a glass prism like the bigger cameras would give a bigger finder image, but add weight.

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It is easily installed or removed to give you the best of both worlds. Jumping from one menu tab or option to a distant menu tab or option by touching that tab or option. The finder is the usual small, cheap pentamirror finder of the Rebel cameras. The Rebels lack controls like the big rear wheel on most better Canon cameras.

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Photo, document and large format for business and home.

: Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18-135mm IS STM Digital.

The quality of the lens makes a big difference in the image quality realized by any camera. Auto White Balance under tungsten lighting continues to be handled very well – and much better than ancestral EOS models. The menus offer ample adjustments of both the internal and external flash. Note that only the Green Peppercorn and Black Pepper salamis are in focus, while everything else melts away. The touch screen is a huge improvement for playback, but not that big a deal for shooting. Some examples of using touch include: Touching to select the focus point location in Live View. When you buy a Canon DSLR, you are buying into an incredible family of lenses and other accessories. Metering modes are available: Spot, Evaluative, Partial and Center-weighted. I have no idea why Canon dares to claim this kludge as a feature; if my video stops for a second, it's awful! Personally, I set my Picture Styles to STANDARD for all shots. Both have an eye-controlled rear LCD and pretty much have the same controls and capabilities for photos. While Canon's PR may gush about tiny changes between them, I can't see any as far as autofocus is concerned for photos. The camera body is of course the base and a lens is the other essential piece of kit. In one shot mode, focus accuracy has not been an issue with the prior Rebel models, Now, with the cross-type AF points, locking peripheral AF point focus is even easier with more challenging subjects. I see no reason to select any other current DSLR for weight reasons. Starter lenses tend to have these narrower apertures at even their widest aperture settings. Modest changes become visible in the top view comparison: For many more comparisons, go to the Camera Top View Comparison page. This said, normal folks who buy Rebels usually have no idea what all the buttons do anyway, so just as well. For photos, it almost always finds the subject and gets perfect focus almost instantly. These places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed.

When set my favorite settings, I get the same great looks I expect. Other modes let you provide a range of input into the exposure decisions up to and including fully manual settings. It took a while for Ryan to wait for me to get focus reasonably locked before I started to roll, but once locked and rolling, it worked fine. Included as part of the Hybrid CMOS AF system are phase detection AF points embedded within the image sensor itself. I'm going to save you endless pages of similar comparison images; high ISO performance doesn't vary much between cameras with the same sized sensor, but does vary greatly with sensor size. The "Touch" part of the LCD name is an also-recent feature. You can hear the AF mechanism of these lenses clunking into position in video recordings. I really appreciate the vari-angle feature and the varied perspectives it enables me to capture. The ability to accurately focus-track a subject rapidly approaching the camera is a differentiator between camera models. Magic hybrid phase-detection CMOS sensor in Live View, which doesn't do anything that spectacular. Usually when a brand of camera has the ability to do it in one camera, the less expensive cameras do it as well, too. Continuous AF options are Subject tracking AF, Flexi-Zone Single and FlexiZone Multi. An integrated mini-HDMI port makes it easy to view the results on any HDTV. DSLR phase detection AF is a major upgrade from point and shoot contrast-detection AF. The tiny camera has a bony-feeling little tiny grip, but it's comfortable enough.

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While this impression is based on user experience, the truth is that the Rebel cameras have not been the ideal camera for capturing critical fast action, partially due to the relative slowness of the shutter and the relatively slow frame rate. Here is a visual comparison of the back of many Canon Digital SLR bodies: For many more comparisons, go to the Camera Back View Comparison page. This is great for still subjects, but faster than I'd like for use with IS and slower than I'd like for action and people shots. The Integrated Speedlite Transmitter feature alone, if needed, will save you the purchase of a device with a significant cost - and the convenience factor of having this feature built-in is huge. For someone buying their first DSLR or upgrading from a couple of models back, features such as the improved AF, Vari-Angle Touch LCD Panel, Movie AF, built-in flash controller, etc. If your camera fails, you can "share" the kids' camera. Flip the LCD around and you can even see yourself in the frame. It's a real capacitive touch screen that just works like an iPad, and not the crappy screens you have to press, like my wife's crappy LG phone. No built-in AF illuminator, but will work by trying to fire the flash in incredibly annoying random bursts to try to focus in the dark, if you let it. Even at ISOs in the thousands, I doubt that any normal person like my wife would ever notice any noise. The touch screen is awesome, but it's still locked out until you press the PLAY button. Stylish and practical hand held, desktop, scientific and printing ranges. If you let it focus before you start rolling, each scene it does pretty well at tracking slower motion, but it takes a while to get focused in the first place. Various kinds of autofocus, including facial recognition for video. Forget the "Video Still Shot" feature; it freezes the video for a second while it stops and snaps and records the still image! Again, my old camcorder is much better at this, grabbing stills silently as the video records smoothly. So long as you realize that video in it is still far from perfect, the video looks great, as does the fantastic LCD and its touch screen. AF adjustments are easily audible through the on-camera mic. This has been a a core incompetency of Canon ever since their first DSLRs ten years ago. The eye-control LCD works fine; it extinguishes when you hold the camera to your eye. It will work very well for a seasoned pro that need a small and light camera Explore your creativity with our Digital SLR range. The recall only affects a few serial numbers; the one I bought from Adorama is is fine. Of course, the JPG file format is significantly more storage space efficient and has selectable levels of image quality that also can adjust space requirements downward dramatically. Similar meter modes and ranges to the regular SLR viewfinder. Pinch-to-zoom when reviewing images - and dragging to pan around a zoomed image. Its autofocus is marvelous for still images and action, and while the best DSLR yet for video autofocus, still not where we want it for video autofocus. When you buy a camera, you are also buying into the company behind it. These two factors, both exponentially related to the differences in sensor size, will keep DSLRs focusing more slowly than real camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras and cell phones for quite a few more years to come. I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem. They are faster and far more sophisticated/configurable AF systems - if your income is depending on you getting the shot, these are the models you need to be using - a huge number of non-pros are using these models as well

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