Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Body +
Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Body +

The Canon EOS 80D further clarifies itself using a pair of robust focusing systems and an intuitive design. Featuring a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 image processor, this sleek DSLR is capable of capturing high-resolution images at up to 7 fps and Full HD 1080p60 video, both with reduced noise and high sensitivity up to an expanded ISO 25600 for working in difficult lighting conditions. When working with the optical viewfinder, an apt 45-point all cross-type AF system affords fast performance in a range of lighting conditions for tracking moving subjects and working in low light, while the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system benefits live view shooting and movie recording by providing a smooth, natural focusing quality akin to the way a camcorder acquires focus. Touch-to-focus is availed by the large 3.0" 1.04m-dot touchscreen LCD, which also sports a swiveling vari-angle design for working from high and low angles with ease. Additionally, built-in Wi-Fi with NFC allows you to pair mobile devices with the camera to wirelessly transfer files for sharing your photos and movies online. More than just a well-connected DSLR, the 80D is equally matched in imaging versatility due to its inclusion of multimedia feature-sets for stills shooting and movie recording.

Kit Includes:

• Canon EOS 80D Camera
• Canon EF-S 18-55mm Lens
• Canon EF-S 55-250mm Lens
• Telephoto 500mm f/8.0 Lens
• Wide Angle Lens
• Professional 2x Lens
• Extra LP-E6 Battery
• SanDisk 32GB Memory Card
• 58mm Macro Filter Kit
• 3 Piece Filter Set 58mm
• 58mm UV Filter
• Auto Power Slave Flash
• Accessory Backpack
• SLR Camera Case
• Quality Tripod
• Pro Hand Camera Grip
• USB Card Reader
• T-Mount Adapter
• Memory Card Wallet
• 3 Piece Cleaning Kit
• Screen Protectors
• Lens Cap Holder
• Table Top Tripod

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I've seen the flashing "Flicker!" warning and enabling the Anti-Flicker mode has resulted in optimal image capture. As touch control becomes more common in DSLRs, this feature also becomes more familiar and therefore, more useful. This is a comprehensively refined piece of gear, making it very fun to use. Pinch-to-zoom when reviewing images – and dragging to pan around a zoomed image. With an infinite number of possible focus circumstances and numerous camera AF parameters available, it is not reasonable to expect to perform an exhaustive set of tests.

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Jumping from one menu tab or option to a distant menu tab or option by touching that tab or option. One image is bright and the next is significantly underexposed with a completely different color cast. Creative Filters Movie Mode is enabled via the camera's mode dial. Protect the LCD by closing it in reverse orientation, toward the camera.

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Over these many years, Canon has continuously refined their design and added in a huge array of technological advancements. Common is for Canon's latest EOS DSLRs to feature built in RAW conversion to JPG, complete with many adjustments available for doing so. Unstable light levels and colour casts that occur during series of shots are are eradicates by this anti-flicker option. Photographers who like to track moving subjects will appreciate having the option to select AI Servo in live view mode. Sensor-based AF includes benefits over conventional phase-detection AF. This lens, shown mounted on many of the product images on this page, is a very good option, and features a long focal length range and great support for video recording. It was Easter, the girls were dressed up and we had no time in the schedule.

Important for timing the shutter release at the ideal moment is a short shutter lag. The Menu and Info button once again take up their Canon-standard positions on the top-left, readily found by the left thumb. Categories through H are included, with decreasing AF capabilities being supported. To overcome slow focusing speeds in live view, Canon has developed a Dual Pixel CMOS AF system that supports sensor-based, phase-detection autofocusing. It has been showing improvement continuously in the rebel line even though it was lacking initially. What you see is the frame capture frequency synching with the light flicker's frequency to cause a different result in every frame. Making use of the LCD is Canon's very easy to use and logically laid out menu system. There’s not much of a difference; what’s really important, for action photographers especially, is the shooting speed. Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless. We've seen this technology in many other EOS DSLRs and it is once again welcomed in this model. All images were identically custom white balanced from the center of an optimally-timed image. While it could be referred to as the "Mindless" mode, that doesn't seem to give it the credit it deserves. It not only saves a significant cost associated with the other Speedlight Transmitter options, but it reduces the size and weight of the camera when using remote flashes. The post processing work required for the soccer game images was exponentially lighter than any of my pre-Anti-flicker mode shoots at this venue. That memory card prices have been diving makes this issue a minor one. While in Creative Filters mode, movies can be captured with one of five filter types applied – Memory, Dream, Old Movies, Dramatic B&W and Miniature Effect. Note that L-brackets may impede full rotation of the LCD. In HDR Movie Mode, the camera will attempt to reduce highlight clipping with the result of increasing dynamic range when filming in high-contrast environments. The horse was misbehaving, the rider was on her game, and the camera and I did reasonably well. Our autofocus test showed extremely fast results from the brightest portions of our test all the way down to the dim conditions equivalent to a moonlit field I am a fan of the SD format, in part because my laptop has a built in SD card reader and the small size is another advantage. Again, use the camera specs tool to see the differences. Still no longer present on this line of cameras is the joystick. One of the hardest features of a camera to test is autofocus performance. This spec seems to hold true in my testing and I welcome the improvement greatly. As usual, the largest camera back feature is the LCD. In continuous shooting mode, the shutter lag and the frame rate are both altered for peak light output capture. The SD card slot cover is located to the far right and springs open when the cover is slid forward. The solid structure Clear View II LCD's reinforced glass cover and clear filler eliminates the air gap between the glass and the LCD under it. If you have ever photographed under flickering lights, such as the sodium vapor lamps especially common at sporting venues, you know what a problem that type of lighting can cause. The integrated Speedlite transmitter feature alone, if needed, will save you the purchase of a device with a significant cost - and the convenience factor of having this feature built-in is huge. Quick camera setting changes such as ISO – no need to click many times to go from a low ISO to a high ISO value – just touch the value. Those that use manual focusing might benefit from brighter viewfinder but autofocusing has no need for it. I'm not going to say that these results are perfectly-evenly lit, but.


Canon EOS Rebel T5 Review: 18 Megapixels of DSLR Power.

This camera also supports AI Servo tracking AF and high speed burst mode during Live View in Multi and Single AF selection.

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This combination definitely ensures that the performance-speed, and image-quality are immensely enhanced. Unintentional button pressing sometimes occurs when attempting to use the dial. The AF point quantity advantage is typically held by the highest model line cameras. This model is not hard to acclimate to, regardless of what you are using today, and the size of this camera enables it to adequately control even larger lenses. Shutter lag Shutter lag happens to be another specification that insures that you capture an image at the precise and exact instance you’ve chosen, such as when a baby’s face brightens up and looks at the camera with sparkling eyes. Full control audio levels can be taken directly from the touchscreen. If additional hard drive space is needed on your computer or your backup strategy needs help, I highly recommend WD My Passport external hard drives. Having a built-in Speedlight Transmitter is a big deal. This was the limiting factor in its image quality range. Keeping the easy-to-clean coated LCD smudge-free has not been a problem, but I recommend carrying a microfiber cloth with you. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system is beneficial to both photographers and videographers who’d like to compose and shoot quickly without having to put up with a slow and clumsy autofocus performance. Costs-effective Zomei Digital. Previously, these AF sensors have been of the contrast-detect variety, which are typically slower and less accurate at locking on to targets than phase detection – especially when tracking moving subjects. Since I only shoot in the not-socially-friendly RAW format, directly transferring the image to my phone was not going to suffice. Of course, the girls wanted the picture ASAP to share on their social sites. Compared to pentamirror version, the pentaprism viewfinder displays brighter images but when it comes to image formation, there’s pretty nothing much that viewfinder can do. Best Value Accessory Lens Kit. In the past, full viewfinder coverage has been exclusive to the more expensive premium models, so it’s great to see this finally filtering down to more affordable enthusiast DSLRs. Another example from the same shoot, with a better-behaving horse, is shown below. Since the imaging sensor pixels are able to perform both imaging and fast phase-detection focus measurement simultaneously, continuous AI Servo-like AF is available in Movie mode, referred to as "Movie Servo AF". DSLR video has matured a lot and, especially with Dual Pixel CMOS AF in use, very high grade video quality is what you can expect. Few would agree that the dictionary definition of "silent" accurately describes these modes, but they have a more-subdued, less-snappy shutter sound. Wind Filter and Attenuator options can be set in the sound recording menu. The also-ubiquitous trash can button is next down and the settings lock switch is tucked out of the way below the multicontroller. Wireless remote printing to a compatible printer is also supported via WiFi. Canon's battery life rating seems very solid to me. Starting at the top right of the LCD, we first find the "Q" button, providing a "Quick" access context-sensitive menu. On the other hand, predicting the point of perfect focus on a fast-moving subject at the precise moment the shutter opens in AI Servo AF mode is a big challenge for AF technology and AI Servo AF accuracy testing is the most-difficult of camera tests to perform. As I've said before, Canon's Anti-flicker mode is a game changer – it is going to save the day for some events. Those familiar with EOS DSLRs will know this very well. This figure matches the two predecessors and fit within this model's overall position in the Canon lineup. This feature alone is going to be worth the price of the camera for some photographers. The Movie Start/Stop and Live view switch position indicator moved from the top to the lower left side – few will care about this change. The cause of this problem is that, at fast/short shutter speeds, the flicker happens while the shutter curtain is not fully open. Hopefully I've given you the basics needed for decision making. The hinged LCD means that the remaining real estate available for buttons is on the right side of the camera and positioned for right handed use. in terms of regular usage, this may not really pose a big setback, but if you love to take shots in bright environment, making use of fast-aperture lenses, you could find yourself needing much more shutter speed so as to get a well exposed shot. The result is a feature-packed, great-performing camera with a wide range of usefulness and a price tag that isn't bad Run a Photobooth: automatically take a sequence of photos and print them out, create animated GIFs, share photos via email, Facebook etc Basically, both have a striking resemblance and more or less showcase the same set of features. The flicker warning shows solid when a flicker is detected and the camera’s setting is enabled. Then add, minimally, a telephoto zoom lens and a wide angle zoom lens to your kit. Shooting straight upward no longer requires a painful neck angle. When the camera is switched over to live view mode, the internal mirror is lifted out of the way of the image sensor, allowing the camera to continuously record the light entering the lens and transmitting the data to the rear screen as a live image. This can detect flickering light and then time each shot to coincide with the peak brightness of the light source for more consistent results. The quality of the lens makes a big difference in the image quality realized by any camera.

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A DSLR focusing system requires not only a camera that performs well, but the lens must also reliably do its part. Accessories When you buy a Canon DSLR, you are buying into an incredible family of lenses, flashes and other accessories. An anti-reflective coating also enhances the LCD's clarity. Especially with the resolution that DSLR cameras have today, a high quality lens is required to avoid the weak link problem. Your camera focuses where you want it to with just a finger tap on the LCD. In single shot mode, the shutter release lag time is matched to the light flicker cycle's maximum output. Let’s quickly dive into some details and observe how well the figures for these cameras compare. Live View and Movie focusing modes making use of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF include what has become the Canon standard: Face Detection with Tracking, FlexiZone Multi, and FlexiZone Single. the files get larger and your memory cards hold less. While the electronic level feature seems minor and insignificant, the small improvement can make a big difference in the quality of your images if pixel-level-destructive image rotation is no longer required during post processing. However, the story is different when the subject is in motion and AI Servo subject tracking requires a focus point continuously placed on the subject. Perhaps even more beneficial for understanding what can be done with this frame rate is to look at a visual example. Shooting from unusual and uncomfortable positions is much easier using Live View with the LCD angled. As usual, a diopter adjustment is provided to focus the viewfinder to your eye. The downside to this process is that without the mirror in place, the camera can no longer utilise the main phase-detection AF system in order to focus automatically. The bigger problem occurs when using fast/short action-stopping shutter speeds under these lights. It becomes a bit of an exercise in splitting hairs to compare them, though Nikon has a bit of an edge when it comes to taming noise. Speculation aside, we should assume that the new camera does, in fact, gain a slight advantage

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