Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera
Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera

Kit includes:
♦ 1) Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera Body with EF 24-105mm L IS USM Lens
♦ 2) Transcend 64GB SecureDigital SDXC 300x UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card
♦ 3) Zeikos BG-E13 Pro Series Multi-Power Battery Grip for Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera
♦ 4) Vivitar 3-Piece Multi-Coated HD Filter Set (77mm UV/CPL/ND8)
♦ 5) Spare LP-E6 Battery for Canon
♦ 6) Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6
♦ 7) Precision Design RC-6 Wireless Shutter Release Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras
♦ 8) Precision Design 6-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit
♦ 9) Precision Design 8 SD / 2 MicroSD Memory Card Case
♦ 10) Precision Design Universal LCD Screen Protectors
♦ 11) Precision Design USB 2.0 SecureDigital (SDHC) High-Speed Memory Card Reader

The Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera features a 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor, a wide ISO range of 100-25600, expandable to L: 50, H1: 51200, and H2: 102400, for incredible image quality even in low light, and a DIGIC 5+ Image Processor delivers enhanced noise reduction and exceptional processing speed. 11-point AF including a high-precision center cross-type AF point with EV -3 sensitivity allows focusing in extreme low-light conditions. Additional features include: continuous shooting up to 4.5 fps, Full HD video with manual exposure control, multiple frame rates, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in GPS, 63-zone dual-layering metering sensor, 3.0-inch LCD Monitor, High Dynamic Range mode, weather-resistant construction, and much more. Outfit includes Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM zoom lens.

Take more high-resolution pictures faster (up to 45MB/sec.) with this Transcend 64GB SecureDigital (SDXC) 300x UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card.

This Vivitar 3-Piece Multi-Coated HD Filter Set contains a UV (ultraviolet), CPL (circular polarizer), ND8 (neutral density) filters and filter case.

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Because you are going to want to come back often to use the vast resources available here – and to stay up to date on what is happening in the photography world via our news page! aims to be a voice of clarity in a world full of noise. Scroll down though and you can also select whether to blur or sharpen the background. One advantage retained by some of the recent APS-C models is the pixel density on the sensor. IPB offers a higher compression rate by compressing multiple frames together while ALL-I compresses each frame individually - allowing for more precise editing. Once tagged, you can view the capture locations of your images on a map using the supplied Map Utility software. So autofocusing in darker conditions should be better than ever thanks to a greater number of light-sensitive elements in the center of the AF sensor. ALL-I intraframe video requires a UHS-I compliant flash card, while IPB interframe-compressed video can be recorded on regular SD cards. In-camera wireless connectivity -- especially on a DSLR -- is something I see big potential for. A huge effort is made to deliver accurate reviews trusted enough that, included in this site's visitor count, are employees of some of the largest photographic retailers in the industry. Just barely noticeable to the lower left of the mount is the Depth-of-field preview button. Instead, you've got a handful of 'AF points' in a diamond configuration. STK has a battery chipped specifically for this camera that's worth considering. I also saw very little of the rolling shutter effects that produce a wobbly, jell-o distortion when you aggressively pan while shooting video with some DSLRs. You have none of the lossless adjustability of raw, so it's pivotal to lower contrast to preserve detail in the highlights and shadows, dial back the colors to prevent clipping, and lower sharpening so you can add it back in post without causing nasty artifacts. If you're going to shoot without a tripod or Steadicam rig, get a stabilized lens. This allows the camera to determine its location, then record the latitude, longitude, elevation, and UTC time stamp in the EXIF data of each image. There is some aspect about these models that make people want to buy them. And they've added wireless networking, so you can control the camera by smartphone or laptop with a live video feed.

features Canon DSLR Camera and.

They have very high light transmission and don't cause visible flare. This site will help you use, protect, maintain and travel with that gear. I expect it to disappear from retailer's shelves in the near future. We do wish Canon would decide on a control interface and stick with it, but that won't be too much of an issue to the person who owns and uses just this camera. The built-in Wi-Fi® transmitter allows you to wirelessly transfer your images to social networking sites through CANON iMAGE GATEWAY#, or upload virtually anywhere from your iOS or Android smartphone* with the free download of the EOS Remote app** Plus, you get full-featured, built-in Wi-Fi and GPS to boot. It's not clear how comprehensive the sealing is; I still wouldn't take it in the rain, and very few non-L Canon lenses are weatherproof. Photographers moving up in class from compact cameras or entry-level DSLRs will really appreciate how well the Canon does in low light at high ISOs. There's also a logging function to track movement at set intervals, and you can even set the camera's internal clock to local time via GPS. A higher pixel density provides more "reach" when you are shooting focal length limited. When you buy a Canon DSLR camera, you are buying into an incredible family of lenses and other accessories. The first of these is the high dynamic range mode, which captures three separate images with varied exposure, then combines them into a single image with greater dynamic range than is possible in a single shot. And naturally all of that larger size requires a little more internal support and external coverage from your inner frame and outer magnesium-alloy shell. The two brands give and take on the system level; Canon has a better service department and an edge with telephoto zooms and tilt-shift.

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This full-color metering allows better subject detection, information which is also fed back to the autofocus system to further aid subject tracking. Discover what the camera or lens you are interested in is capable of. Canon is a bigger company with a wider, more modern, and more readily available lens line, but it also tends to have more rigid product segmentation that can leave lower camera bodies wanting for some features. You do that by setting the correct white balance in advance and by creating or downloading a custom tone curve with low contrast, color, and sharpening. Video exposure control is via Program AE or fully Manual exposure. Like the rest of Canon's full frame bodies, no pop-up flash is provided. You can overlay up to nine images, and you can use an existing raw image file as a starting point for the series. Digital sensors filter UV natively, there's no reason to pay more for that feature. The level can be displayed on the LCD in Live View by pressing the Info button. The test results are useful for not only evaluating one camera or lens' performance, but for directly comparing results to those of any another camera/lens – at your choice of focal length and aperture settings. A common shooting technique is to meter for highlights and raise the shadows in post to make darker details visible, the manual equivalent of Canon's 'Auto Lighting Optimizer'. Colors at low ISO are indistinguishable from any other Canon DSLR.Shadow noise has improved over earlier bodies. Indoors as a main light source, the tiny size and close proximity to the lens lead to red eyes and a flat, unflattering high-contrast look. Please let me know of any differences omitted here. Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G. The grip is easily removable, giving you the choice of options best for you at the time. But it's just enough for shooting basic action, such as capturing modeling poses, candid photographs and low intensity sports. That's plenty if all you want to do is ensure horizons are level, of course. It's much easier to find crop lenses with good edge performance. If you choose not to bind AF to the shutter button, you'll wear out that digit in a hurry. DSLRs give you lens flexibility, subject isolation, better low-light performance, and potentially superior motion tracking. But, with the WiFi file sharing possible with this camera, this feature definitely becomes more useful. The camera did have some issues when shooting in dodgy, indoor incandescent light, particularly when we used the Auto or Incandescent White Balance settings. Battery life when using GPS and Wi-Fi isn't stated. Canon's current full-frame DSLRs make hash of almost all the mid-range variable-aperture zooms they've released over the years. Instead, the merging is done solely in-camera, and if you're not happy with the result, you'll need to reshoot the scene. Full HD video with manual exposure control, multiple frame rates, and the benefits of a Full-Frame sensor provides stunning performance and creative flexibility. Canon is likely leaning more on the Quick Menu to serve most of the users' needs anyway. I've never had a SanDisk card of any size fail, they maintain higher resale value than other brands, and they tend to write somewhat faster than competitors with the same speed rating.Interface responsiveness isn't much affected by card speed. It's great to be able to share one battery model across various DSLRs - with only one small charger needed when traveling with any combination of these models. Mirrorless designs are more compact, easier to use, and better for video, but not as capable for stills or movement. HDR is not right for all situations, but it is awesome for many still life and landscape shots. The manual doesn't say, and if they exist, they're not selectable. Skintones also looked healthy and life-like, unlike some cameras which tend to pump up the pinks and reds to produce an artificial, "doll-like" look. The multi-direction pad in the center of the wheel is also tough to press when you're in a hurry. In our testing, both the Auto and Incandescent White Balance produced strong reddish and orange casts, respectively. I have strong confidence in this lens, but have not had firsthand experience with it at this time. Be inspired! Visit the site's sample picture galleries to view quality sample pictures captured with specific cameras and lenses. None perform that well in the corners at wide apertures. Having great gear is only part of the photography equation. Cameras and lens are typically popular for a good reason. Skintones also looked natural, and the nice bokeh is clearly on display here. This is nonfactor unless you have a sizeable collection of the opposing format. On the other hand, AF lag in Live View mode was longer, which is no surprise. The two second self-timer with mirror lockup delivers the three shots with the mirror locked up using only one shutter release press - the ideal solution if using a tripod. While on paper that might sound significant, it's less noticeable in real-world use. The body has extensive textured rubber on the exterior, both on the handgrip and the opposing side. You can also share images on social networking sites. Jordan is the photographer behind the "Dancers Among Us" project, where he photographs professional dancers performing in everyday settings, typically without artificial light. The list of cameras and lenses are the most popular models on this site. While some photographers will like having a GPS receiver built into their DSLR, it's not a must-have feature for me. Both cameras, not surprisingly, have standard hot shoes. Adjusting White Balance using the Manual setting was much more accurate, but photographers who are moving up in class from a point-and-shoot, compact or consumer DSLR might not want to fiddle too much with that setting. It's a technique that's useful to simulate a longer exposure, to reduce noise, or simply for the effects that can be achieved. Camera manufacturers have been trying to implement it for years but, so far, with no great success. Let this site guide you through the DSLR camera and lens selection process. It also supports -- and indeed requires -- the higher-speed UHS-I cards, if you intend to shoot ALL-I Intraframe-compressed video. Handheld HDR is supported with an Auto Align option. If you cannot see the difference in our test results, you will not likely see them in your images. Compatibility aside, Canon OEM batteries tend to retain more charge capacity for a longer period. In decent outdoor light, the produced colors that popped but weren't too oversaturated. It's very difficult to judge focus from the LCD screen without overshooting and undershooting. Stills image quality is extraordinary, and for that purpose, there's little to fault. Just flip the switch to the red movie camera icon, press the center button and you're off and recording a movie. Again, no real surprises here since most of Canon's DSLRs have sweet LCDs.

Manual focusing still rules for quality DSLR video production.

Canon introduces highly anticipated EOS 6D Mark II full.

I expected it to feel slower and less responsive than Canon's other higher-end EOS DSLRs, but it was surprisingly spritely. Become a better photographer by reading the comments and tips presented here and by learning the camera and lens settings used to capture the images. I'm not sure how much I would on a regular basis, though they were fun to experiment with. In daylight and with strobes, results were even better. This is better than having Movie relegated to a position on the Mode dial, as we see on the Rebels, because it's faster. In particular, there's no headphone jack for checking audio levels as you shoot.

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This camera will do Auto-ISO in M between any lower and upper bound you choose. The latter two are stellar across the frame, as is the Samyang ultrawide. Per-pixel sharpness is very high and superior to crop bodies-- par for the course for a full-frame sensor near this pixel density. But with its relatively low price tag for a full-frame camera, this model will surely draw attention to anyone wanting to step up to this level of quality without breaking the bank to do so. To post your images on social networking sites, you either need to send it to your smart device first and upload from there or transfer them through the Canon Image Gateway online photo service -- an additional step that some new point-and-shoots can now skip. For many more comparisons, go to the Camera Side View Comparison page. It is an ideal choice for travel, portrait and landscape photography Rating is available when the video has been rented. The dust is then trapped by an adhesive strip along the base, preventing it from causing further nuisance. All cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Registered With Certification Body

Canon has added time code support for better synchronization of events in post and superior on-camera editing controls. They cost more, require larger and more expensive lenses, and tend to be somewhat less responsive to fast action outside of the top product tiers.If you've settled on full-frame, the two chief competitors are Canon and Nikon.

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Review: Comparison Canon 5D MarkIII vs the Canon 6D

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