Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM
Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

60mm macro lens with f/2.8 maximum aperture for EOS digital SLR cameras 25-degree angle of view is equivalent to 96mm lens on 35mm camera Flat-Field Focusing w/ Circular Aperture Floating optical system can focus down to life-size 1:1 magnification Silent and powerful ring-type ultra-sonic monitor (USM) for autofocusing Measures 2.9 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches long; 1-year warranty Measures 2.9 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches long , 1-year warranty Inner Focusing w/ Floating Elements Fast Ring-USM Autofocus Full-Time Manual Focus Override Canon Super Spectra Lens Coatings

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Of course, you usually view images at a much larger size than this and that means your little subject will be output in sizes ranging from your smartphone display up to your large desktop monitor or even a poster on the wall. This lens does not have a battery, so expect the Macro Lites to have some level of impact on the camera's battery life. They are larger/heavier and require a faster shutter speed for handholding. I know – you are wondering how the lens can have a filter thread size but no filter threads. Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18.0 MP CMOS. When Canon includes "Macro" in the lens name, it is probably going to be the real deal. For many more comparisons, review the complete using the site's Lens Spec tool. The focal length determines the angle of view and the angle of view in turn determines the perspective provided for the desired subject framing. Longer focal lengths require more distance to acquire the same subject framing. The lens' switch must be in the "MF" position and the camera meter must be on/awake for conventional manual focusing to be available. Something that is not as readily apparent is the loss of light at high magnification values. Even the STM lens' aperture changes are quiet and smooth. The answer is that the filter threads are on the lens hood. Max Aperture Many first-time APS-C DSLR camera buyers choose the optional kit lens when purchasing their camera. When you need/want to leave the tripod behind, IS is there for you. The "Hybrid" part of this IS system indicates that the stabilization accounts for lateral motion, especially important when photographing very close subjects. Don't expect to use them for portrait lighting, but they should be helpful and extremely convenient for close work like flowers or jewelry and they should provide the illumination needed for composition at close distances. The focal length also affects other macro photography aspects. As the lights are continuous, close-up video possibilities are promising and improved close-distance AF performance in low light is another benefit. Likely so quietly that you need to put your ear next to the lens in a quiet room to hear the click sounds made during autofocusing. Internal focusing and new AF algorithms improve AF speed and with full-time manual focus override allows precise manual focus even in AF mode. First, the end of the lens is tapered to a much smaller diameter to avoid shading caused by the lens itself. I think that lens hoods are valuable and it seems to me that they can be produced very inexpensively, so I think that lens hoods should always be included and I've complained when they are not. Canon historically has made lens hoods optional on all except its professional-grade lenses. No case or pouch is provided in the box for this lens. However, many seasoned photographers will likely find this lens to be an appealing addition to their kits as well. Use the site's reviews and lens comparison tools to create your own comparisons. I find image stabilization especially useful when photographing macro subjects due to the stabilized viewfinder aiding in optimal composition. This angle of view will frequently find application in fashion, portraiture, weddings, parties, events, documentary, lifestyle, sports, architecture, landscape, general studio photography, around-the-house needs and much more.

Like the above lenses, this is not a weather-sealed lens and care should be taken when wet or dust could be encountered. Focus distance indications and depth of field marks, such as often provided in a window, have been omitted from this lens. Longer focal length macro lenses generally give you more distance-to-subject working space for the same subject framing. Based on previous STM implementations, I expect this lens to focus with decent speed and to do so very quietly. Visualize the flat plane of sharp focus as you frame your subject. The MTF charts should arrive soon and will hint at the final story. Autofocus shows its technologically modern performance - it is fast, quiet and accurate. Keep in mind that these lights are not flashes and they will not provide the level of light intensity that flashes provide. Doing so allows the lens to focus at closer distances, though at the expense of long distance focusing. L'ancien site de Canon Museum ainsi que les rapports techniques Canon ne comportaient pas cette erreur de date While we anxiously await the expected June arrival of this lens, I'll share some information and my expectations with you. Lifesize on the sensor means output size is significantly larger than the sensor unless you are viewing it as a thumbnail or as a smaller-than-wallet-sized print. This lens' uses are not limited to close-up photography and if the close-up capabilities are not greatly important to you, Canon and other lens makers have many options for you to consider. If the image quality delivered by this lens proves as good as Canon's most-similar lenses, it will not be hard to justify the addition of this lens to the kit The focus ring is relatively wide and smooth functioning.

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Though this lens is targeted at entry level and amateur photographers, it should have a build quality similar to the above-mentioned lenses and that is a positive attribute.

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While there are many very strong advantages listed in that single sentence, the product name reveals even more, including the Hybrid IS system and the STM AF system. Also valuable is that IS allows handholding in medium and low light levels when more depth of field is needed, allowing narrower apertures to be used without a tripod. A number of the uses for this lens include people as subjects. The wider angle of view of the short focal length macro lenses mean that more of the background will be in the picture - and that the background will be less-diffusely blurred. In addition to allowing more light to reach the sensor, permitting faster shutter speeds and/or lower ISO settings, increasing the aperture opening permits a stronger, better subject-isolating background blur at this focal length. That this focal length is so wide limits the close-up capabilities to those subjects that will not be scared away by the close proximity of the lens. When working distances become short, lighting the subject becomes challenging and this lens incorporates some enhancements made to address this issue. This is a useful lens that does not require income-producing usage to make it worthwhile investment.

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This angle of view provides a very natural perspective, approximating how we perceive a scene with our own eyes and provides very strong general purpose usefulness. And second, a pair of continuous, circular LED lights, referred to as "Macro Lites", are positioned inside the front rim of the lens. Il ne faut jamais essayer de monter un objectif EF-S sur un boîtier non APS-C, outre un vignetage important dû à un cercle d'image plus petit, le miroir entrerait en collision avec la lentille arrière de l'objectif et il résulterait un endommagement irréversible de ces deux éléments. Uses optics designed to take full advantage of the small image circle and short back focus in EF-S lenses. But, this is a relatively heavy and expensive lens that focuses slowly. The closer perspective can better emphasize closer subjects and pull a viewer into the frame. The first is to compare this lens to the other macro lenses. With electronics driving AF, the rate of focus change caused by the focus ring can be electronically controlled and it can be variable, based on rotation speed. The result is a change of perspective - the telephotos compress/flatten the subject features more than short focal lengths. Working in conjunction with the narrowed lens diameter, the LEDs can add some light on the subject.

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A small Lowepro Lens Case would be a more-protective choice for single lens storage, transport and carry. It offers excellent optical performance and middle of the road focal length, working distance and size/weight Optimized lens coating minimizes flare and ghosting prone to occur with digital cameras. While those are very attractive numbers, I remain skeptical of the usefulness of these combinations. Their smooth focusing makes focus distance transitions easy on the viewer's eyes and the sound of the lens focusing is not picked up by the camera's mic. This is a compact, easy-to-take-with-you lens and only a very small number of lenses are lighter or smaller. Both of these very popular lenses feature very good image quality and both are full-frame compatible, so their larger image circles should show less vignetting at wider apertures when used on an APS-C format camera. That this lens has macro/close-up capabilities greatly extends its usefulness, with food, small products, rings, flowers and a wide range of additional subjects easily covered. All of the Canon STM lenses I've used to date have focused very accurately and I expect nothing less from this one. Note that reflective subjects are going to show a circular ring of light when the Macro Lite is in use. A retail model of this lens will be reviewed when it becomes available. It will not be hard to find room in the bag for the addition of this lens, it will not be hard to find subjects for it, the impact on the wallet will be as light as the lens itself and the convenience-to-use factor is high. Canon's similar small wide angle prime lenses perform very well and while we await test results from this lens, I would not be surprised to see a repeat performance from this one. And judging by its features, this lens promises to indeed be a very nice addition to the kit. En fait à ouvertures égales et à focales équivalentes, les images obtenues ne sont pas identiques. Choosing the right focal length is probably the first criteria.

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And, the wider angle focal length makes it easier to keep the entire frame sharp.

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There are downsides to the longer focal length macro lenses. A lens with this focal length can be simply left mounted on the camera for whatever opportunities arise. The manual focus ring electronically controls the focus of the lens. Focal Length When considering the addition of a lens to the kit, the focal length is an important feature to consider. The samples below illustrate the effects of the lights. This is especially nice for a macro lens as the short working distance at minimum focus distance is not further impeded upon by lens extension. Cameras featuring Hybrid or Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Movie Servo AF make video recording very easy and the STM lenses are very well-suited for this task.

: Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Fixed Lens.

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