Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens
Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens

EF-S Mount Lens/APS-C Format 38mm (35mm Equivalent) One Aspherical Element Optimized Lens Coatings STM AF Motor Supports Movie Servo AF Micro-Stepping Drive Aperture Mechanism Full-Time Manual Focus Override Rounded 7-Blade Diaphragm Slim Design Measures Less Than 1-Thick

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Some older USM lenses are identified with a gold ring and the word "Ultrasonic" printed in gold on the lens barrel. To use this feature, one must set the switch to either "on" or "on with sound", focus the lens to the desired distance, then press the "set" button. While the first night that provided me this opportunity had some low altitude haze, the results were easily discernable. Some newer lenses include an Image Stabilizer which can automatically detect whether the user is panning and respond accordingly, and therefore these lenses do not have an IS mode switch. If you remove the CA from these examples, the results are very impressive. I am not saying that fisheye images must be corrected and, again, uncorrected images from this lens are very sharp. For impact protection, you will want an additional case. Most of Canon's smaller weather-sealed lenses require a front filter installed to complete the sealing and because this lens does not accept front filters, I expected that the front lens element was not completely sealed. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. I did find some subjects that work for this test, but. At the wide end of the focal length range, subjects change size noticeably in the frame during a full-extents focus distance pull. The ribbing and material grab my fingers so well, and the zoom is so smooth and even, that I can zoom it with one finger. If you can make the real estate appear larger in photos by pushing the background deeper in the composition, more walk-throughs can be generated and more properties can potentially be sold. Otherwise, the vignetting is not likely to be noticeable. Not long afterwards, CPN posted a video of this lens being use in that specific location. When all of the lines get crushed into the top of the chart, the lens promises to be amazing. Lens mount index: This marking is found on all EF lenses. This is used for making focus adjustments when the photographer is doing infrared photography, as lenses typically focus infrared light at a different point than visible light, and therefore achieving correct focus using visible light will result in an out-of-focus infrared image. To better see through the vignetting, the widest aperture crops were increased in brightness. is Image Stabilization, meaning you can leave the tripod at home. As you likely already determined, these focal lengths will be very popular with landscape photographers. The evaluation lens was purchased from an online retailer. This correction is indeed a good option, but that this correction is a destructive process must be understood. Take a wider view: look into your kit and decide if there is a hole at the extreme wide end. Extreme full frame corner performance is practically a match for the center performance and that fact is very impressive.

: Canon EF 24mm f/ II USM Wide Angle Lens.

There are three types: front threaded mount, inner drop-in mount, and rear gelatin holders. While the vignetting often can improve the appearance of an image, it is not always desirable and fortunately, it can easily be corrected. EF and EF-S lenses can be mounted on EF-M bodies via the optional Mount Adapter EF-EOS M. While I is used in the table below, it is never used in official Canon model numbers; the original model lacks a Roman numeral and only the second and subsequent generations have them Pancake lenses have a short barrel in an attempt to minimize …The Canon EF-S lens mount is a derivative of the EF lens mount created for a subset of digital single-lens reflex cameras with APS-C sized image sensors.Welcome to our special website, dedicated to the L-series of EF lenses. I can use that same line to describe the distortion profile of most zoom lenses. Because Canon reduced the flange focal distance from that of its EOS DSLR line, the mount was altered so that EF and EF-S lenses cannot mount directly on EF-M bodies. On some of Canon's larger telephoto lenses, the words "Image Stabilizer" are etched onto a metal plate affixed to the lens. It only corrects handheld motion; if the subject of the photograph is moving, IS will not stop it. Focal Length / Focal Length Range Eleven mm is an extremely wide focal length. EF-S uses the standard EF bayonet mount, but with minor physical alterations which prevent EF-S lenses from being mounted on bodies which do not support them. The third coating, Fluorine, is applied to the front and rear lens surfaces.

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The focus preset ring is used for recalling the memory save point. means "electronic focus," meaning that there is an autofocus motor in the lens itself. The pouch provides dust and light abrasion protection for the lens. The standard autofocus lens mounting technology of the time used a motor in the camera body to drive the mechanics of the focus helicoid in the lens by using a transfer lever. However, when the lens is released from the camera, the front-heavy design means that gravity wants to twist the lens from your hands. Unlike USM, STM lenses use focus-by-wire to enable full-time manual mode. Fluorine's non-stick properties prevent dust and water drop adhesion and makes lens cleaning much easier.

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens Review

Laser-engraved into the bottom of the exterior barrel, near the lens mount. Red Digital Cinema Company offers various camera models that can be equipped with an electronic EF-mount. Filter mounting: This mount is used for attaching filters to EF lenses. Distinctive visual cues include a red ring around the lens and an off-white colour on longer-focal-length models.

What is the Difference Between Canon EF and EF-S Lenses?

This section needs additional citations for verification. I find the density of this lens adding to its quality feel.

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Focus preset: The focus preset feature is found on most super telephoto EF lenses. Since the only possible metering is through-the-lens, the lens must be manually stopped down to accurately meter at anything less than full aperture. It was not that long ago when ultra-wide angle zoom lenses delivered corners that appeared as a messy blur. If you're more concerned with counting your pixels, the sample I had was softer on the left side at the wider settings due to typical manufacturing variation which shifted the plane of best focus. Such a lens, if used on a body with a larger sensor, would leave the outer portions of the sensor outside its image circle, and therefore they would be black, but since EF-S lenses will not physically mount on incompatible bodies, this problem is avoided. Nikon D5300 Black DSLR Camera with. With the lens in hand, reality is known and reality is that the sharpness/contrast/resolution, usually my primary concern, is of no concern. Most of these lenses require autofocus and aperture motors inside the body which isn't available in EOS bodies. These additional pins are used by the Canon Extender EF adapters and the Life-Size Converter EF to indicate to the lens the change in focal length so that it is able to report the correct focal length and aperture to the camera body when mounted on a teleconverter. Due to the high market penetration of EF-mount lenses, other camera manufacturers began to offer EF-mount cameras. My current plan is to keep it for at least the near future, primarily to use for the wider max aperture and with filters. It is used for limiting the focusing distance range of the lens when using it in autofocus mode. I have already discussed the fact that the bulbous front element precludes the use of a standard threaded front filter, but a slip-in filter holder for cut gelatin filters is provided at the rear of the lens. means "small-format only," meaning that this lens only works on, and only attaches to,. In the past, this style of lens cap would release when the camera was placed on a table or similar firm surface, due to the pressure on one of the release buttons. Ergonomics are perfect, except for the weird manual focusing. There are three types of USMs: ring-type USM, micromotor USM, and. Or, the bride and groom coming down the aisle, large in the frame, with the rest of the ceremony small in the frame behind them. APS-C cameras have some of the most pixel-dense sensors available, making lens quality more-potentially a limiting factor for getting the ultimate image quality from such cameras. Autofocus stop buttons: These buttons are found on some super telephoto EF lenses, evenly spaced around the front collar of the lens. AF is pretty much instantaneous at every focal length. The MF and zoom ring area of the lens, where the left hand naturally falls, provides the feel of a small lens. Unless working in a tight space, there is going to be a lot of background in the scene and keeping the entire background attractive becomes challenging in many locations. To use this button, one must first have the autofocus active, then when one wishes to halt autofocus, one presses and holds the button. Tripod collar: This feature is found on most longer focal length lenses, and macro lenses. The manual focus ring turns continuously without mechanical stops. All EF lenses that support IS have the words "Image Stabilizer" written on the lens. In addition to correcting angular movement, Hybrid IS also corrects for shift movement. I'd use this to my advantage for landscape shots, and for people shots, it wouldn't matter. STK LP-E6 Battery for Canon 5D Mark. You can zoom all the way in and out with a short twist, and it's always easy to turn easy to set precise focal lengths. I have shot in this beautiful venue many times, but never have I fit so much of the room into a single frame. After this, when the feature is turned on, the photographer can turn the focus preset ring, and the lens will recall and focus quickly to the distance that was saved. Wide open exposure settings can be maintained over the full focal length extents. Only one button needs to be pressed to activate the feature. For Sony E-mount various adaptors enable using EF-mount lenses with full electronic control. However, there remains a position to be filled in the APS-C wide angle lineup and that is for a lens with stand-out image quality. This lens will make a great option for a attaching to a remote sports camera, capturing the start of a race, capturing the finish of a race, covering the goal, mounted over the basket, etc. "This is a hybrid coating consisting of nano particles that trap capsule-like air between the ASC layer and conventional multi-layer coatings. The cap's release switches align with the top and bottom of the lens, as is typical for this type of Canon lens cap. In the case of larger and heavier lenses, there is also less strain on the lens mount if the body is supported by the tripod-mounted lens than if the lens were to be supported by a tripod-mounted body. An ultra-wide angle of view pushes the background away, making it much smaller in the frame relative to close foreground subjects. Focusing distance range limiter switch: This switch is found on most longer focal length lenses, and macro lenses. Based on the initial demand and popularity this lens is enjoying, I feel validated on this line of thinking. AF is nearly instant with normal subject distance changes and reasonably fast over full extent changes. I wouldn't bother getting one, they don't do much but do get in your way. EF lenses equipped with USM drives have fast, silent and precise autofocus operations, and consume less power compared to other AF drive motors. With peripheral image illumination being applied in the correction process, increased noise is the penalty paid. Alternatively, the lens adapters would include optical elements and act as weak teleconverters, as well as possibly losing optical quality. With the most basic lenses having only a few, to the most complex having over a dozen different controls and switches. It should be noted that these vignetting numbers are not unusual for wide angle lenses. Ideal compositions will incorporate an interesting, close foreground subject along with a complementary/supporting midground and background in the scene. These are shown as red markings below the distance scale. With a manual connection, the aperture and focus controls of the lens cannot be controlled or read from the camera; the lens must be focused manually. Use these values in Photoshop's Lens Distortion tool to remove it. The latter point is what gets both realtors and photographers paid. The focus ring isn't connected to anything, and there is a tiny time delay between when you move the ring and the lens moving. Conversely, parfocal adaptation of EF lenses to non-EF camera bodies is not generally possible with only a mechanical adapter that does not contain optical elements. E-BEST® Black 4 pcs DSLR camera. Due to Sigma's shallower rear lens cap design, that lens was raised the make the comparison more true to life. It will catch my kids doing most things other than running around in circles. While relatively large on the front, the lens is nicely sized for use and the zoom ring is ideally located where I hold this lens. This lens is fully manual, including manual focus and manual aperture.

All L lenses are supplied complete with a hood and pouch, which are not included with non-L lenses.

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Standard Lens for Canon APS-C.

L series lenses are compatible with the full range of EF or EF-S mounts and as they are aimed at the high-end user, most also include environmental or weather sealing and a constant maximum aperture. I find coma easiest to find in star photos captured on a clear night with a dark sky. One type is opened up, placed on the lens' tripod collar, then closed and tightened. The hood mount is of a bayonet style on most EF lenses, though a clip-on style hood mount is used for a small selection of current lenses. But, what Canon has put into this lens is worth noting. It took a while for Ryan to wait for me to get focus reasonably locked before I started to roll, but once locked and rolling, it worked fine. I'm not saying that this lens will not be useful in many other locations including where you live. This is a list of the different controls and switches found on most Canon EF lenses, along with a detailed description on what they are used for. You will find this lens holding up very well to the competition. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. these snapshots will more often than not look like. Filter mounts are useful for all types of photography, and every EF lens has either one or two of the three types used. The Tamron is slightly lighter and slightly longer, but it is much wider in the hand. The zoom index is typically a white, or black, line found next to the zoom ring

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