Best Value Accessory Lens Kit
Best Value Accessory Lens Kit

Opteka GS-2 Genuine Leather Ergonomic Stabilizing Hand Grip Strap for Digital SLR Cameras
- Genuine Leather
- Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort
- Padded strap alleviates the stress of length shoots
- Greatly improves stability; Fits most Digital SLR cameras
- Attaches via the tripod socket (dual-thread still allows use of a tripod)

Hercules HERMFG01 Microfiber Cleaning Glove for LCD Screens
- Lint-free micro fiber glove cleans safely and thoroughly
- Use over and over again
- Reusable & washable

Opteka Close-Up Set (+1, +2, and +4) with Macro Lens
- Professional High Definition II +1, +2, +4 Close-Up Lens Set
- High-index / low-dispersion optical glass
- Fully multi-coated
- Anti-reflection coating
- High speed auto-focus / Infrared compatible
- Includes pouch

Opteka 2x HD AF Telephoto Lens
- 2x High Definition II Telephoto Lens
- High-index / low-dispersion optical glass
- Digital Multi-Coated
- Titanium anodized finish
- High speed auto-focus / Infrared compatible
- Maximize day and night shots by providing maximum light and image transmission
- Lens bag, lens covers, and instructions included

Opteka 10 Peice Deluxe Lens / Digital Camera Cleaning Kit
- Mini Table top Tripod
- Lens Cleaning Fluid
- Micro fiber lint free lens Cleaning Cloth and Dust Cleaning tissue
- Opteka LCD Screen Protectors
- Lens Cleaning Air Brush and Cotton tips

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LP Battery charger for Canon.

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