Best Value! 58mm Multi-Coated 3
Best Value! 58mm Multi-Coated 3

Works with ANY 58mm lens. Made from the finest solid optical glass, are ground and polished to the most practical thinness. In addition, they are heat-treated to avoid any distortion or focal shift, and each filter is subject to strict tests in order to ensure a flawless, even surface, which is essential to a quality filter and exceptional photographs. Ideal for protecting your valuable lens from scratches and dust UV filter absorbs ultraviolet rays to produce crisp, clear photographs. Circular Polarizing filter eliminates reflections from non-metallic surfaces, and increases contrast and color saturation. FLD filter helps balance light in outdoor situations or where fluorescent lights are used. A UV filter is used to reduce UV rays from entering the lens and striking the film. A Polarizer is different than most filters in that it is composed of two pieces of glass, mounted independently inside a round frame so that one can be rotated relative to the other. As it is rotated, it increasingly cuts out glare and haze. You can also use a polarizer filter to darken blue skies. A FLD filter (fluorescent light correction) provides the perfect solution for obtaining pleasing skin tones and correct color while shooting without a flash under fluorescent lighting. This filter gives true-to-life color rendition by removing the harsh yellow-green cast ordinarily resulting from fluorescent bulbs. When shooting under natural light, a fluorescent filter dramatically increases color saturation of subjects such as sunrises and sunsets.

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: Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera with 18.

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