Astromania 1.25
Astromania 1.25" 0.5x Reducer

Astromania 0.5X Reducer halves the focal length of your telescope, giving you a much wider field of view. You can use this, for example, for doing astrophotography using an astronomy webcam. Using the reducer is ingeniously simple - it is threaded for attaching to a C-Mount standard for C or CS mount CCTV type cameras with telescopes. Screw the Astromania reducer into C or CS mount CCTV type cameras and so double the size of the photographic image field. This lets you take images of much larger areas of the lunar surface, for example. The reducer is also great for taking videos of the Moon using your webcam. You can obtain even larger image fields with your astronomy webcam if you attach an extension tube (e.g. 25mm) between the reducer and camera.

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Olympus MC-14 1.4X Teleconverter. This very smooth mirror surface results in excellent optical performance with practically no light scatter.Compared to aluminum coatings, even 'enhanced' aluminum, silver has very high and uniform reflectivity across the visual spectrum and beyond into the infrared and ultraviolet. A great item for a home with a view or nature watching. The enhanced coating provides extra reflectance versus competing standard aluminum coatings.It's a real breakthrough for birding and terrestrial viewing; the perfect combination of comfort and performance. ColorYourLife 10-Pack Microfiber. High quality optical glass come with dust cover: Keep your lens clean and image clear and sharp.

72mm Professional Metal Lens Hood -. PRICE IS LOWER THAN MIRROR WITH NO COATINGS! Aluminum first surface coated. This diagonal uses the proprietary Baader Maxbright all-dielectric mirror coatings on a sital-ceramic glass substrate. High quality and appear to be very flat and very parallel. Al came up with this very desirable accessory while playing at the Winter Star Party.

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Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART DG HSM Lens for.

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