Arlo Pro Security System with Siren
Arlo Pro Security System with Siren

Arlo Pro is a 100% wire-free indoor/outdoor security camera with rechargeable batteries and audio and can be added to any Arlo base station system. Arlo Pro includes rechargeable batteries, motion and sound-activated alerts, 2-way audio, a 100+ decibel siren, and 7 days of free cloud HD video recordings. Arlo covers every angle to help keep you safe and protected.

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I named it and moved onto the next screen to sync the cameras with the station. The free Arlo app is available for iOS, Android, Apple TV and web browser. Recorded video was just as sharp and detailed as the live feed, and I received email and push alerts whenever motion or sound triggered the cameras.

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Two-way audio communication between the camera and my phone were perfectly clear. You can also upgrade your subscription level, edit personal information, manage storage, and adjust camera settings, including the digital pan and zoom feature, which lets you zero in on a specific point within a camera's field of view. No matter what you need Arlo to do, these extras make it simple. All three levels also allow you to download your videos, share them via email, and create motion detection schedules.

Since I already had the app and an account, I started by plugging in the base station and connecting it to an open port on my router. However, in order to conserve power they don't offer any audio capabilities, and you can't pan and zoom on the fly. It's a snap to install, delivers excellent video, works with other smart home devices, and offers free cloud storage.

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At first I had the sensitivity set too high, which had the outdoor camera sending notifications with every gust of wind, but after a few quick adjustments I was able to rectify that. The Library provides a list of recorded video and snapshots that are stored in the cloud. For these reasons, the Netgear Arlo Pro is our new Editors' Choice. Use the Arlo app to check in on your business any time of the day, even after-hours without leaving the comfort of your couch. I placed one camera in my living room and mounted the other outside, overlooking my front door walkway. At the bottom of the main page are Devices, Library, Mode, and Settings icons. Flexible Powering Options Use it wire-free or plugged in. A blue LED on the camera began blinking immediately, indicating that the camera was paired. In the middle of the image is a play button that will initiate a live video feed. Advanced Motion Detection Wide-angle PIR motion sensor makes sure no movement will slip through without your notice. This time around the USB ports actually work and can be used to attach a USB drive for storing video recordings. If this is your first Arlo, you will have to download the app and create an account. I placed a camera within three feet of the station, pressed the Sync button on the top of the station, then pressed the Sync button on the camera. Around back are two USB ports, a LAN port, reset and power buttons, and a power jack. Protect What Matters Most From kids and pets to an empty home or after-hours business, you’ve got a lot to keep safe. These neat little Wi-Fi cameras run on batteries and can be installed just about anywhere to monitor activity in and around your home. However, the Arlo cameras do support motion detection and can be configured to trigger email and push notification alerts. You'll spend more on an Arlo Pro than you will for other outdoor cameras like the Canary Flex and the Ring Stick Up Cam, and it requires a hub, but it delivers better overall image quality and more features than both. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, a click or two is all you'll ever need to check in. Email and push notifications were consistent with motion triggers, and crisp, clean video was recorded with each event. Installation and Performance Installing the Arlo system was a piece of cake. Be the First to Know View live anytime and receive instant email or mobile alerts whenever motion or audio is detected. It's easy to install and adjust the camera position for indoor, outdoor, wall and ceiling mounting. Arlo Pro security cameras lets you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors and out, day and night. Simply click on any video to view it, share it, mark it as a favorite, or delete it. Keep Your Home on Leash Whether you need to know what mischief your furry friends are making, or just want to make sure they have enough supplies, Arlo can be there to see what happens when you're away and catch those YouTube-worthy moments on record. Here you can also change the order of where the cameras appear in the app, adjust camera settings, and edit profile information. They deliver sharp video and will detect and record motion and save it to the cloud, and they are built to withstand the elements. Each camera has a powerful magnet embedded in the back of its housing and can be attached to the mounting device without any additional screws or hardware. These neat-looking cameras are a cinch to install and can be placed just about anywhere, and they deliver sharp daytime and nighttime video. Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack. In the Settings menus you can adjust motion detection sensitivity and recorded video quality, and create rules to have emails and push notifications sent when motion is detected. Never Leave Home Alone Sometimes it feels like it takes a village to run a household. Business Security See what the employees are up to when you’re not there or if the cleaners locked up properly after close. You can also log in to the Arlo web portal to do everything the app does. As a result there's a three-second lag between the time you hit the Live button and the time the live feed is displayed-something we've seen with other cameras including the original Arlo and the OCO Wi-Fi Cloud Camera. Other new features include rechargeable batteries, a base station with a loud siren, and USB connectivity for storing video locally on a USB drive. In testing, the Arlo Pro provided sharp, highly detailed video with excellent color saturation. Netgear offers three pricing levels for cloud storage. Netgear offers three pricing levels for storing recorded video to its cloud. Installation and Performance As was the case with the original Arlo, the Arlo Pro was easy to install. The cameras and base station are done up in an attractive glossy white finish. There's a Sync button for pairing cameras up top, and the front has LED indicators for power, internet, and camera connectivity. Arlo helps you remotely keep tabs on all the activity and visitors, from delivery men and housekeepers to babysitters and yard help. The camera uses rechargeable batteries that will provide up to six months of power before needing a charge, and you have the option to use AC power if you're so inclined.

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Moreover, you don't have need a pricey subscription to view recordings that are stored in the cloud like you do with the Nest Cam, and the Arlo's wireless capabilities give you much more flexibility when deciding where to place your cameras. I downloaded the app using the QR code found on the included instruction guide, and created an account using my email address, password, first and last name, and security question.

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Geo-fencing, custom modes, and IFTTT are just a few of the possible ways to personalize your Arlo system to your needs and preferences. It’s easy to install and adjust the camera position for indoor, outdoor, wall and ceiling mounting. Caden Professional Fashion. The Arlo Pro uses the same Android and iOS app as the original camera, and if you still have the earlier cameras installed, they will all share the same app. Easily swap out batteries and power up your cameras in seconds. Once a live feed is initiated you can switch to full-screen mode, record live video, take a snapshot, or adjust the brightness level using the control icons at the top of the screen. Long lasting rechargeable batteries provide months of uninterrupted monitoring. Individual camera settings include an on/off switch, battery and Wi-Fi connection status, video and audio settings, and a Motion Detection test. This may not be an issue for indoor applications where power outlets are usually plentiful, but for outdoor usage it puts limitations on where you can place your cameras.

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When you open the app you're presented with a split-screen view showing each installed camera and its last captured image. Connect a USB drive to the base station for optional local backup storage Installing a home surveillance system is easier than ever thanks to the proliferation of Wi-Fi cameras, but most of these cameras still require an AC power source. The Basic service is free, gives you seven days of cloud recording, and supports up to five cameras. The Library icon takes you to a page where you'll see a list of recorded video and snapshots. This video-on-demand approach goes a long way towards conserving battery power and network bandwidth. From housekeepers and babysitters to repairmen and gardeners, keep tabs on all the activity around your home. Put an End to Daily Worries No one can be in two places at once, but Arlo offers an extra set of eyes for you to get more done while keeping your kids and other loved ones always safely in sight. You can also just place the camera on any flat surface or attach it to your refrigerator. At the top of each camera screen you'll find the camera name, date, time, battery level, Wi-Fi indicator, and a motion detection icon. Connect a USB drive to the Arlo Pro base station for optional local backup storage. Share the Action Easily share camera access, or specific videos, with friends and family so everyone's caught up on the latest events. I repeated the process with the second camera and installed one outside in my backyard, and placed the other one inside on a desktop, pointed toward my front door. I was receiving alerts from the outdoor camera due to high winds, but once I adjusted the motion sensitivity the alerts ceased. They have a convenient slip-on, slip-off design, allowing you to easily disguise your cameras while still providing access to connectors for Arlo mounts. Your World, Just a Tap Away Stay in total control all the time. The top of the camera has two buttons; the one closest to the front is used for syncing it to the base station, and the one toward the back is used to release the battery compartment. Netgear is aware of this glitch and is working to resolve it in the near future. Once the power and internet LEDs turned green, I tapped the Add Device button at the bottom of the home screen and selected Base Station from the menu. Arlo Charging Station includes fast charging technology, so you can spend less time charging batteries and more time protecting what matters most. As it turns out, there was nothing wrong with the batteries; the extreme temperatures caused the battery gauge to send an inaccurate reading. While viewing live video you can use icons to manually record video, take a snapshot, view the image in full screen, and press the microphone button for two-way audio communication. New to this camera is a mini USB port that you can use if you prefer to use AC power rather than battery power, but if the camera will be outside in the elements, you'll need an optional Outdoor Power Adapter which is not yet available but coming soon. Get additional cameras for other spaces, add extra rechargeable batteries and charge them faster using the Arlo Pro Charging Station, select the best mount for each location or add the Arlo Pro Skins to disguise your cameras. I installed the batteries in each camera, and holding the camera about a foot away from the base station, pressed the Sync button on the base station and the Sync button on the camera. Whether you’re on the couch or at the office, Arlo will alert you when someone’s coming. The main page displays each installed camera with a snapshot of its last captured image. The Smart Home and USB indicators are reserved for future use which, according to Netgear, will include interoperability with Zigbee and Z-Wave controllers. Use smart scheduling to set Arlo's work schedule to fit yours. However, I did receive an email alert stating that the batteries were running low, and the battery gauge on the app supported this. The camera will hold this position until you go back to the Settings screen to make adjustments. Listen in and talk back through the built-in speaker and mic, straight from your smartphone. Live stream and watch recordings in more brilliant detail than ever before. I created an IFTTT recipe to turn on a lamp connected to a D-Link Smart Plug whenever one of the Arlo Pro cameras detected motion, and it worked flawlessly, as did the geofencing arming feature. Here you can specify dates and times when you want motion detection enabled and disabled for each camera. It uses rechargeable batteries that can be swapped in a flash minimizing camera downtime to help you stay protected. The innovative design provides secure magnetic mounting so you can move cameras from one location to another in just a few seconds.

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