10 x 50 Powerful Binocular for Bird
10 x 50 Powerful Binocular for Bird

Bring the world closer and enjoy a detailed view with "SkyGenius" 10 x 50 powerful binocular, with a magnification 10x this binocular can bring subject 10 times closer, with the object lens diameter 50mm, it allow more light to come through, more clear details, even at low light condition, and multi layer-coated aspherical lenses elements for Light reflection and minimal distortion, better image brightness, contrast and quality. With field of view angle (168Ft / 1,000Yds, the width of vision at 1,000Yds) it has a large field of view, good for watching fast-moving things. Built with a rugged exterior, come with carrying case and strap make it easy for carrying.


20mm diameter eyepieces, more comfortable.

Compatible with tripod

Fully adjustable to children and adults alike

OK for glasses wearers

Clear vision

Ideal magnification 10 x 50

Great distance range

Waterproof, not water submergible

Amazing matte design, with grip areas for an easy hold


Model: 10 x 50

POWER: 10x

OBJ.LENS DIA. : 50mm



NUMBER OF LENS: 4 pieces 3 groups






FIELD OF VIEW: Angle: 5.5°, Ft / 1,000Yds: 288 ft, M / 1,000M: 96m





DIOPTER SYSTEM: Right eyepiece






UNIT DIAMENSION: 192x70x165cm



Outdoors, birdwatching, climbing, hiking, sightseeing, traveling, sport Game,concerts,star gazing, etc.

In the Box:

1 * Binocular

1 * Pouch

1 * Strap

1 * Cleaning cloth

4 * lens caps

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